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Best Collagen Protein Powder Supplements (Reviews 2020) | #1 Peptides Brand!

Collagen has become of utmost importance on the beauty scene for a reason. It is the primary building block of our bodies, which counts both in health and aesthetic regard.

While our bodies do have natural mechanisms to produce it, they deteriorate with age.

The decay is a process you want to reverse. Adding specific foods will help, but there are more straightforward approaches. Supplements are the preferred method to make the process of aging as painless as possible.

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The 7 Best Collagen Supplements To Take For Healthier Skin, Hair, Joints and Weight Loss

The Seven Top-Rated Collagen Supplements

This article will give you a rundown on the importance of collagen. We will speak in layman’s terms of the significance of this substance, ways it improves your life, and the top ways to get it.

However, you may happen to be familiar, and visiting merely to find the best product for you. In that case, here’s an overview of best supplements choices!

Ranking Product Name Superlative
#1 Perfect Keto Collagen Top Choice & Best Overall
#2 Sports Research Premium Best for Joint Health
#3 Bulksupplements Pure Best Budget Pick
#4 SkinnyFit Super Youth Best for Weight Loss
#5 Vital Proteins Collagen #1 Collagen for Skin Health
#6 Biosil by Natural Factors Best Liquid Supplement
#7 MAV Nutrition Best Gummies Supplement

Which Is The Best Powder Collagen Supplement in 2020?

1. Perfect Keto – #1 & Best Collagen Peptides Powder / Healthier Skin, Hair, Weigh Loss Effect /

Perfect Keto is a company dedicated to creating organic, healthy supplements.

They want to make it easier for their customers to start on and stick to a Keto diet.

Perfect Keto Flavors

This  product aims to get Keto eaters into ketosis in a healthy, straightforward way.

It promises improvement in everything, from fitness to mental clarity.

There are two ingredients – bovine collagen and MCT oil powder.

The collagen is extracted from 100% grass-fed cattle. The MCT oil in this collagen is from coconuts, and it serves a probiotic.

These ingredients imply that you will get both an immediate boost and a sustainable protein and prolonged energy source from the MCT.

This collagen protein powder supplement will have zero effects on your blood sugar. Sweetened by natural stevia and erythritol, this collagen peptides powder also comes in five flavors appealing flavors.

Even keto eaters will have something to please their sweet tooth.

The most significant benefits noted after using this product include joint health and skin quality.

It also improves your ability to control your appetite, because of the addition of the medium-chain triglycerides.

It contains as much collagen as 2 cups of bone broth!



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2. Sports Research Collagen Peptides Premium – Runner Up – Top Collagen Supplement for Joints

Collagen Peptides Powder

This collagen protein powder supplement by Sports Research is certified by The Paleo and Keto Foundation to be non-GMO. It contains only bovine collagen from pasture-raised cows. Also, it is gluten-free and paleo-friendly.

You will be getting your money’s worth with it, without danger of any marine-products or egg allergies.

Sports Research Premium

This product has no flavor, so you may mix it into whatever food you are eating.

Thanks to such collagen peptides products, it’s effortless to implement in your diet.

As mentioned out by Lauren Zagorski at Lean Optimum “It is a very versatile supplement, and every one of us needed to take it at some point”

They guarantee various benefits, but the most important one is joint health. If you suffer from joint pains, this product promises to give you back your life.

Improved gut health is another obvious, immediate benefit.

Sports Research offers a refund to any customer who sees no results after 90 days.


3. BulkSupplements Pure Collagen Protein- Best Budget Pick

BulkSupplements Pure

BulkSupplements Pure’ protein powder only uses on pasture-raised cows for its source of collagen. It consists of collagen types 2 and 3 – nothing more.

Its ingredients should improve both your joints and your skin. Customers also noted improved nail quality and enhanced mobility.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

This product is the best budget pick for a reason. You may purchase it in different sized bags, and the higher the amount you buy, the more money you save.

It is one of the very few supplements on the market that boast both natural ingredients and the ability to buy in bulk.

This collagen protein product comes in a zipped bag so that it will stay fresh for a loner.

Some users mentioned that this brand contain collagen powders content that have a strong taste. If you like the taste you can mix it directly into warm water; it will taste like beef broth. If not, take it in coffee or any other strong-tasting drink of choice.


4. SkinnyFit Super Youth – Top Collagen for Weight Loss

SkinnyFit Super Youth

SkinnyFit collagen protein promises delivers the ultimate solution. Their mixture contains all five most prominent collagen types.

The mix is gluten-free and non-GMO, based on cattle in chicken raised in nature.

Be cautious with this one, though. This collagen powder contains eggshell membrane collagen, so it’s an allergen for some.

Super Youth Powder

It will smooth wrinkles and increase the firmness of your face, so your skin will be more hydrated and elastic afterward.

This collagen powder will also promote joint health, making it an excellent product for avid exercisers.

It boosts your metabolism, as well, thus accelerating weight loss. It will also promote your gut health, and aid with various nasty gut conditions.

In case you don’t see results within 60 days, their guarantee promises a refund.


5. Vital Proteins – Best Collagen Powder For Smoothies

Vital Proteins Collagen

The Vital Proteins collagen peptides supplement is gluten and dairy-free, made of grass fed cattle collagen.

Confirmed to be easily absorbed and free of hormones, it is the ultimate health addition.

Supplement Facts Vital ProteinsIt will not only bring better skin, nails, and hair but also 18g of collagen protein per serving.

There’s no doubt it will become an excellent addition to your diet.

This product taste is entirely neutral, so add it in your oats or smoothie for a perfect protein-packed breakfast.

Glycine is an added ingredient that makes this product unique.

This essential amino acid improves gut health and strengthens your entire immune system.

Companyadds Vitamin C to their powder to increase absorption plus a hyaluronic acid, a substance the body naturally produces and that contributes to the better promotion of collagen.

This addition turns Vital Proteins supplement from good to excellent.


6. BioSil by Natural Factors – Best Liquid Collagen Supplement

BioSil by Natural Factors

Vegan eaters seemed to be excluded from this myriad of benefits. But not anymore.

Natural Factors created a liquid product not based on any animal collagen.

Orthosilicic Acid FormulaThis innovative formula is not a collagen, but a precursor.

It contains OrthoSilicic Acid, which handles the creation of collagen in your body.

Hence, it will step up the existing natural mechanisms. As a consequence, it will better your skin and joints and could protect you from a wide array of diseases.

When it comes to usage, it’s foolproof. Just add five drops to a liquid drink daily and drink up.


7. MAV Nutrition – Best Collagen Gummies

MAV Nutrition

MAV Nutrition’s supplement is a mixture of collagen types 1 and 3.

As most respectable supplements, it’s water-soluble, non-GMO, and uses the pasture-raised animals’ collagen.

MAV Nutrition BenefitsA single serving boosts almost all essential amino acids of your system.

It also contains 10g of pure hydrolyzed collagen protein, so it helps to boost your metabolism as well.

It will leave you feeling satisfied without any added sugars while building muscle and helping to shed excess fat.

Should you not get these benefits with this hydrolyzed collagen protein product, as well as better skin and nails, you may get 100% of your money back with their guarantee.


8. Primal Kitchen – Collagen Powder for Hair

Primal Kitchen Collagen Peptide

Primal Kitchen Collagen Peptide is a product sourced from free-range cattle.

Tested against most major allergens, and cleaned of allergen residues, it promises a 100% safe usage.

Primal Kitchen CollagenThe benefits are many, with the greatest one being focused on your musculature.

This protein will strengthen existing connections as well as repair broken connections between your muscles and joints.

Additionally, it will support your skin, hair, nails.

It’s dissolvability, and lack of flavor makes it a natural addition to the food you already eat; heat doesn’t affect it, so you may even step up your baked goods with it.


9. Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate Powder

Great Lakes Collagen

The Great Lakes is hydrolyzed collagen powder, made from grass-fed bovine collagen.

It is tested and proven to have 100% natural ingredients.

This protein product contains 19 out of 20 amino acids, and 90% of it is pure collagen protein.

Gelatin Unflavored

The hydrolyzed collagen supplement’s ingredients assure metabolism control, and it is absorbed in an even faster rate than collagen powder.

The gelatine users also report that this product aided their joint health, hair and nail quality.

Some customers also noted an improved mood after a few week’s of taking this hydrolyzed collagen.

The structure of this collagen protein supplement doesn’t mean it’s harder to introduce in your diet.

It’s as simple as measuring a few tablespoons of collagen powder and dissolving in an amount in water.


10. Native Path Collagen Peptides

NativePath Collagen

This supplement collagen powder by Native Path contains the typical daily dosages of types 1 and 3.

NativePath Collagen BenefitsAs any good product, it is organic, non-dairy and based on the pasture-raised bovine.

The collagen powder form makes it easy to dissolve in water, and our bodies very easily absorb it.

Besides aiding skin and hair health, it does wonders for your joints.

The company also promises a better mood, clearer thoughts, and even healthier sleeping patterns for those who use it.


Some collagen powder products not included in this review for one reason nor another: NeoCell Super Collagen powder, Multi Collagen Protein Powder, DR axe, Youtheory Collagen Advanced with Vitamin C, ForestLeaf Advanced with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C (types i ii iii), PlantFusion Collagen,  Builder, bulletproof protein powder, Biooptimal grass fed nongmo premium quality, Garden of Life





What Is Collagen and Why Do We Need It?

The human body consists of 20% protein. Collagen creates 30% of all protein present – it is the main protein of structure in our bodies.

It exists in various parts of our bodies – skin, bones, digestive organs, muscles, and more.

Collagen has a distinctive function in each part. In the skin, for example, it maintains resilience and works to replace dead skin cells.

What is CollagenIn the joints, it is the glue that keeps the body parts together, strengthening the bond.

This complex structure includes several aminos. Humans may enhance the amount of these acids in their bodies by ingesting animal bones and organs.

If you eat a traditional Western diet, though, these animal parts are not commonplace.

While we age, the collagen production in our bodies decreases – and you can see the effects on any senior citizen.

Other factors that interfere with the production are poor lifestyle choices; a poor diet, smoking, and overexposure to the sun.

Collagen - Essential

Your genetics could also play a role in this.

As sufficient amounts are essential for healthy joints, bones, and skin, it goes without saying that adding a supplement to your diet may be beneficial.

Thus, many manufacturers have initiated sales of supplementary collagen powders and pills.

What Are the 5 Most Common Types of Collagen? What Purpose Do They Serve?

All collagen types are excellent for your system and enhancing your overall health.

5 Types Of CollagenBut different types deal with varying systems of organs and kinds of issues. Your choice will depend on your health requirements.

Scientists have identified twenty-eight separate types so far. You may stop and ask yourself – wait, which one do I need?

Five types of collagen find their way into supplements, for they are most abundant in the human body.

They are also most often supplemented. Here, we will provide a short overview of these types and what they can do for you.


Type 1 is the most abundant collagen protein in the human body – over 90% of all collagen in the body is type 1.

Type OneIt builds all connective tissues, including the skin, bones, even the walls of blood vessels.

Besides being the most prominent, this type is also the most powerful.

All of its benefits stem from its ability to build skin. As such, slowing down aging and facilitating recovery from injuries.

You may up your intake of this collagen by eating marine fish and taking fish supplements.

Additionally, it, as well as some other types, may be found in eggs. It is also a common ingredient of many advanced skincare products.


Cartilage is one of the essential types of connective tissue in the body.

Type TwoIt protects joints of the long bones, in addition to building parts of your nose, ears and rib cage.

Type 2 collagen is responsible for building cartilage.

When people age, this type becomes more and more crucial.

It will improve joint health and prevent, or at least lessen the symptoms of arthritis.

There is a wide array of type 2 collagen supplements made from chicken.

As a bonus, chicken contains some other compounds also known to be beneficial to our joints.


Type 3 collagen collaborates with type 1 to maintain the health of your skin and organs.

Type ThreeThe properties of it are similar to those of type 1.

Skin health improvement and maintenance of internal organ health are its most significant advantages. It also enhances cardiovascular functions.

The type 3 supplements are most commonly based on the bovine connective tissues.

In simple terms, they exist in cow tissues, where we may also find an abundance of type 1.


Type 5 collagen is less common in the human body than the previous three types.

Type 5But that doesn’t make it less critical.

Research has shown that type 5 increases the production of other subtypes.

While its main benefits are not visible for most, it becomes paramount during pregnancy.

Type 5 collagen aids the correct development of the placenta. Additionally, this variation assists in cell border formation and can improve hair.


Type 10 collagen protein works similarly to type 2.

Improves Bone ProductionIt promotes joint health and helps you maintain mobility.

This type is pivotal for bone health.

Some research has even shown that it improves bone tissue production.

Note, that many people are taking bone broth for bone health!

What Are The Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements?

Thanks to their numerous health benefits, supplements have become extremely popular. There is a wide variety of food that you can consume to increase your levels of collagen.

Collagen Supplement Benefits

Not all deficiencies can be changed via food, though. Besides, taking a product is much easier than changing your diet, and the collagen is absorbed much more quickly.

Let’s take a look at six of the most studied and agreed upon benefits of taking a supplement.


As I said before type 1, in particular, helps build and preserve your skin elasticity.

Improved Skin HealthThe troublesome feature of collagen is that the body begins producing less after the age of twenty-five.

That becomes obvious in the form of loose skin, wrinkles and more.

Multiple research inquiries show that collagen supplements can reduce the aging rate of human skin.

It does so by keeping the skin hydrated, safeguarding against cracks and wrinkles, improve skin elasticity.

Furthermore, the addition of supplements to the diet may help produce specific proteins primarily elastin and fibrillin both assist skin structure maintenance.


Collagen helps uphold cartilage strength, and as people get older, this strength decreases. With it, the joint pains and several age-related diseases may occur.

Reducing Joint PainResearch shows that consuming collagen supplements can soothe osteoarthritis symptoms.

It may also decrease joint pain not related to specific conditions.

A study instructed adults to consume two grams of collagen every day for seventy days.

The participants who consumed it experienced reduced pain in the joints.

They were also capable of more extensive exercise, compared to the control group not taking it.


Collagen aids bones in keeping their strength and structural integrity.

As its levels decrease,  bone mass does the same. Reductions of bone mass can lead to conditions like osteoporosis.

Research indicates that consuming collagen supplements could help stop the breakdown of bones.

Defense Bone Loss

One research study divided female participants into two groups. One group consumed a calcium supplement mixed with collagen.

The other took a pure calcium supplement. Both groups did this daily for twelve months.

The results of the study showed that participants who took the combination with collagen had significantly fewer amounts of specific proteins in the blood.

These proteins are known to increase the likelihood of bone decay.


The composition of muscle tissue consists of 1-10% collagen, which helps maintain the integrity and longevity of muscles.

One research study was designed to investigate the link between collagen and muscle mass.

Muscle MassResearchers brought in fifty-four frail men to be participants in the twelve-week study.

Half of the subjects ingested fifteen grams of collagen in combination with an exercise regimen.

The other half got just an exercise regimen. Research suggests that consuming collagen may aid the creation of muscle proteins, such as creatine.

They also indicate that the protein could increase muscle growth when used in combination with exercise.


Researchers suggest that consuming collagen supplements could decrease the chances of contracting cardiovascular conditions.

Improved Cardiovascular HealthCollagen protein builds up the structural integrity of blood vessels.

Low levels of it may weaken your arteries significantly.

A weakening may lead to atherosclerosis which is a health condition characterized by narrowing arteries.

This condition could result in a stroke or heart attack.


Experts suggest that the collagen protein has more health benefits than we are aware of right now. The following list contains some of the areas scientists believe may be improved:

  • Hair and nails
  • Digestive health
  • Neurological health
  • Fat loss

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that collagen is related to an improvement of these spheres. Future research is needed, but your chances of seeing positive outcomes are almost inevitable.


Collagen Supplements Reviews (Frequently Asked Questions)


Collagen powders used only to be supplemented via injection or skin ointment.

Recent years have seen advances in research on best collagen powders . Now there are variations of the collagen drinks and collagen pills consumed orally that are available on the market.

Collagen Powder

The method of consumption may also increase the effectiveness of collagen supplements.

It also works psychologically, enhancing the likelihood of long-term usage.

What are the Side Effects of Taking Collagen Pills?

Deciding to ramp up the amount of collagen in your diet may bring a plethora of benefits. Research has shown that there are no significant adverse side-effects of supplementing with collagen.

There are some minor side effects, including:

– mild diarrhea,

– minor skin rashes,

– a heavy feeling in your stomach.

Besides being slight, these don’t always occur. Even if it comes to that, the side effects are likely to go away once your body gets used to the supplement.


Many longtime users claim that taking the collagen powders on an empty stomach gives the best results.

Empty StomachThis claim stems from the assumption that the acids in your gut will maximize the absorption.

Also, it makes it more sustainable, as you take it with your morning beverage of choice.

However, medical professionals state that this is not necessary.

Try taking it before or after breakfast, morning or evening, and see what works best of you.


Not at all. It’s, in fact, quite the opposite. Collagen peptides studies indicate that the collagen protein may help with fat loss and cellulite reduction.

Help With Weight LossOther research shows that peptide supplements can increase the feeling of fullness.

Additionally, collagen peptides may be able to increase the amount of time that the body feels full after a meal.

As a bonus, many supplements are also packed with protein, the greatest fat-loss supporter!


Collagen peptides bring about various benefits, but there’s a minor flip side. Here are some most common adverse side effects of these collagen peptides supplements.

High Levels of Calcium

Marine supplements are loaded with this mineral. If you Collagen peptides in bigger doses, it might lead to a high level of calcium in your blood, and as a consequence, hypercalcemia. This condition causes some nasty effects; most often fatigue, nausea, and vomiting, as well as constipation. If you are taking calcium supplements, be careful when starting on collagen.

Allergic reactions

Hypersensitivity reactions may appear as a side effect of collagen supplements. If you choose a marine collagen or egg-based supplement, the likelihood increases. Our best advice is to check yourself for hypersensitivity before you start your taking any collagen powders.

Bad Taste

Some oral supplements tend to leave a bad taste in your mouth; mainly if they are fish-based. We recommend taking it with fruit juice. Make sure the liquid is not acidic, such as citrus juices, though. Such beverages may reduce the effectiveness.


Research shows that increased collagen levels improve the health of the skin as well as plenty of other types of connective tissue.

Type 1 Collagen is Better

Type 1 is known to be the protein variation that comprises the large part of hair, skin, and nails.

Therefore, Type 1 collagen should provide you with the highest variety of skin-related benefits.

Collagen Reviews – Final Words on Collagen Powders

The development of pharmaceuticals is baffling.

Thanks to it, we don’t have to rely only on our genetics and nutrition only to acquire and maintain our strength and health.

Collagen SupplementTaking a supplement such as collagen protein powder is as easy as it could be, and the list of benefits goes on and on.

The collagen supplements on the market are many.

Not all will be of high quality, and you should keep that in mind.

That is precisely the reason we did extensive research for this article.

We hope this information will make you capable of choosing only the best collagen supplements.

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