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Kegenix Review (2023 Update): Is It Worth The Hype? (Experience)

My Experience

Kegenix is a trendy brand in the world of best keto supplements.

It can fit into any keto diet or paleo diet, helping with weight loss, mental clarity, fat burning and it’s a good source of energy.

Kegenix prime packets, Meal replacement supplement, Keto Essentials supplement, Kegenix Ignite, and Kegenix Prime pouches and Real Ketones Keto Meal are a few products from this brand.

Joe Rogan endorses this dietary supplementation.

The question is: Are there any benefits?

You will find out below.

To start with, it is intended to stimulate metabolism, support a ketogenic diet, and stabilize glucose levels.

Developed by Dr. Dominic D’Agostino of the University of South Florida, the Kegenix supplement have various health benefits and allows you to reach the state of ketosis faster.

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino has been researching ketones for quite some time, testing and retesting its formulas.

It was released in 2016 after it has proven effective in nutritional ketosis.

Supplement comes in powders you need to mix with about 10 ounces of water.

You can drink this supplement mixture every day, any time you want to. For better results, drink it later in the morning.

Read my review below, but consider y favorite alternative first…

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What Are the Ingredients?

This fat-burning product promises a ketones supplement that stabilizes blood sugar and has the same effect on your body as intermittent fasting.

Kegenix Ingredient - reviews

Real ketones, essential to bring your body in a state of ketosis, it uses natural ingredients that are safe to ingest.

Let’s take them one at a time.

Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)

Medium-Chain TriglyceridesMCT oil is a primary source of fat cells.

Your body burns them quicker, so they increase your overall ketone production.

They help to stabilize your blood sugar too, apart from supporting fat loss.

Beta-Hydroxybutyric Acid

Beta-Hydroxybutyric AcidIf your glucose levels are low, you might feel an acute lack of drive.

It usually happens when you start a keto diet.

BHB is a primary source of energy, that minimizes brain fog and the effects of keto flu.


When you’re dieting and at a caloric deficit, your body gets into a so-called anabolic state.

L Leucine

In this state, your body’s natural impulse is to produce more glucose, so you have more energy.

The extra glucose can lead to diabetes, which is something you want to avoid.

L-leucine doesn’t stimulate glucose production, helping you keep the calorie deficit and reach your weight loss goals.


It is another ingredient that accelerates fat loss.

L-lysine is an amino acid that can easily convert into L-Carnitine and support your anabolic state, along with the ketosis process.


L-lysine helps protein synthesis, which means your body will use more protein.

Therefore, your strength level will be up.

Protein synthesis is essential for proper digestion, so you can avoid diarrhea and bloating – common symptoms when you’re just beginning a Keto diet.


L-isoleucine is another essential amino acid, which supports hemoglobin formation – aka red blood cells.

L-IsoleucineThis amino acid improves your blood sugar levels.

L-isoleucine is a popular supplement among body-builders because it can repair and rebuild muscle tissue very fast.

That’s why this ingredient can improve your stamina and endurance.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green Tea ExtractGreen Tea is renowned for its curative properties.

It can also increase your metabolism, helping with weight loss.

Besides, it’s a good source of energy.


ErythritolIt is a low-calorie sweetener commonly used in low-carb supplements.

It should make it taste better, without messing with your blood sugar levels and giving you sugar rushes.

Rebaudioside A.

Rebaudioside A.Another sweetener that makes the Kegenix powders taste better.

It’s made from Stevia, and it has almost no calories.

Protein Blend

You want a steady influx of strength when you’re on a Keto diet.

Protein BlendYou also want the right mix of protein and fat cells to reach ketosis faster.

And that’s what this Kegenix protein blend does, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the powder.

Apart from all these ingredients, you can also note some natural flavoring, coloring, and thickeners.

Here is My Recommended Alternative Product – Why?

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How Does It Taste?

Kegenix powders are inspired by some famous and delicious fruits: Orange Blast, Fruit Medley, and Wild Berry.

If you read the customer reviews, you’ll find that these flavors don’t taste good at all.

I’ve tried all of them, and I agree with everyone else.

How Doest It Taste - reviewThe flavors are artificial, and don’t even taste like the fruit they’re supposed to mimic.

All of them are incredibly sour to start with, even if it mixed a couple of sweeteners in its ingredient list.

The solution I found was to mix it in a fruit smoothie or add a little extra Stevia.

It still didn’t taste like oranges or wild berries, but at least it wasn’t sour.

The aftertaste is a bummer too. Long after you’ve finished your keto powder, the taste of Kegenix lingers.

Drink a couple of glasses of water, chew some sugar-free gum or enjoy a cup of coffee afterward to get rid of it – that’s what I did.

Effectiveness and Results That I Got

It is a good product, though there are better alternatives exist.

Hold your horses, you can read about them below.

But first, what are the benefits of the Kegenix supplement?

It can successfully assist the weight loss process and helps you reach ketosis quickly.

It means that your body will start using fat cells for energy instead of glucose.

Results I got

Fat cells are incredibly efficient when it comes to energy, which means your vitality levels will quickly rise.

Yes, I lost weight and could feel the extra vitality boost!

However, when your body starts burning fat instead of sugar, it’s subjected to a significant effort.

It explains tiredness, mood swings and digestive problems associated with keto diets.

Thanks to Kegenix, I felt none of those things. No Keto flu for me, thank you!

I also had no hunger pangs, and I could feel I was recovering faster after workouts.

For me, this meant I could exercise for more extended and reap more benefits of an active lifestyle.

Kegenix vs. Pruvit

I won’t keep you in suspense; I think that Pruvit is a better choice.

Even if it has 3-5 grams of carbs, depending on the product you’re choosing, the proprietary blend based on BHB gives you a lot of energy and puts you into ketosis quickly.

Versus Pruvit OS

Pruvit works better: it takes just 30-40 minutes to enter ketosis.

In terms of weight loss, Pruvit and Kegenix supplements work about the same.

However, Pruvit improves your mental alertness more and makes you more productive.


Pruvit products are also tastier. Though there are some unhappy customers here too, Pruvit doesn’t have the same artificial taste and unpleasant aftertaste. Read a more detailed Pruvit keto review here.

About Kegenix Exogenous Ketones

I took the plunge and purchased the Kegenix Exogenous Ketone because it’s a relatively new product that is getting a lot of traction on social media. I’m a skeptic when it comes to the marketing and advertising that comes with new and different products. The kind of advertising that brings in ‘influencers’ or ‘influenced consumers.’ But, you know what I mean. You might say it sounds a little like Kegs that make you young again? Well, you see, the exogenous ketones are a powerful naturally-derived carbohydrate that stimulates ketosis, promotes weight loss, and can prevent or reverse diabetes.

There is a decent amount of literature on exogenous ketones. And of course, I can talk about ketosis. And I could talk about this fat. And we could talk about protein. I could talk about all of those things, but none of it matters, because you have to do it to understand the exogenous ketones. You have to use exogenous ketones to really understand them. I’m sure there are good reasons why this product has found success. Maybe it’s because of the unique delivery mechanisms, the unique delivery mechanisms, and that the product is relatively new. Maybe it has the timing right because of the obesity epidemic, or maybe it’s a combination of all of those things.

Is Kegenix Prime Safe on Keto Diet? Are There Any Side Effects?

Technically speaking, it is a safe product, with no extra carbs that could ruin your Keto diet.

Most people are interested in potential side effects and dangerous ingredients when buying a dietary supplementation.

Remember how I told you I could feel the energy boost immediately after I drank my Kegenix potion?

It didn’t just make me feel energized; it made me feel altogether jittery at first.

Do you know what it’s like to drink a lot of coffee or a lousy energizer? It’s how I felt!

Any Side Effects?

My heebie-jeebies went on for the rest of the day, and I couldn’t fall asleep quickly.

The same thing happened the next day, but I used all my energy exercising and keeping active around the house.

It helped me fall asleep faster, but my mental clarity was nowhere near that I got from other keto supplementation.

That’s my personal experience, but other people had worse reactions, including dizziness and increased heart rate.

Some users even complained they had to pee every hour or so.

Who Should Use Kegenix Supplements?

This part is easy. You should use this if you want to:

  • Lose weight
  • Get into ketosis fast
  • Avoid Keto flu symptoms
  • Have tons of energy for the whole day
  • Improve your endurance
  • Exercise more
  • Work more shifts


It shouldn’t be used by squeamish people for whom taste is essential.

It’s also not a great supplementation if your work requires you to concentrate on finicky details.

That’s because Kegenix supplements aren’t so good in terms of mental clarity.

Is Real Ketones a Meal Replacement?

Surprisingly, ketones aren’t actually a replacement for meals. Although they have a lower glycemic index than sugar or glucose, they have the same effect on blood sugar—and even more so, in the case of low-carb diets, according to Dr. Reardon. This means if you’re already eating a ketogenic diet, taking them with meals or as a snack will not affect your blood sugar levels. In fact, taking them with a meal can help you feel fuller longer, Reardon says. Ketones are actually what makes the body burn fat, Reardon explains. But they’re also necessary for the body to produce more ketones, the main metabolite of the body’s fat. So if you’re on a high-fat diet, you need both.

Are Ketone Supplements Good for You?

But how will they help me? Let’s start with what ketone supplements do. Ketone supplements help your body produce more energy by helping your body burn fat for fuel. They may also help your body make more blood. This is done by making your liver more efficient so that your body can handle the extra glucose and sugar.

That’s the first thing I want. To burn more fat and make more blood. I want more blood. I need to be a vampire so I can eat more cupcakes and have more fun and frolic with my date. Wait a minute. What’s this about more cupcakes? Where are those cupcakes? Well, if ketones are helping me to burn fat, then they’re helping me to burn more calories and possibly, more fat.

How Long Does Keto BHB Take to Work?

As I said in my Keto BHB review, there’s no set time to start or stop this supplement. However, I will be stating that I typically see the biggest difference within the first week. Most of this is because of the energy you get from being keto (not to mention the calories that you will be burning every day from all of your workouts and activities). However, if this is your first time getting into ketosis, I wouldn’t get too aggressive in how much you’re taking. In addition, you’ll also notice that you will start to feel fatigued if you take too much in one day. This isn’t too alarming as long as you drink water and replenish your body with the BHB.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them below or reach out to me on Facebook or Twitter! The Shakes that I Use. Due to the fact that I don’t have access to the keto BHB product, I decided to use some of the best keto shakes in town to help fill my keto requirements. These are the four shakes that I use daily, along with some dates, and for special occasions like keto birthday celebrations and family.

What Flavors Do Kegenix Supplements Come in?

Kegenix supplements are available in a variety of flavors to cater to different preferences. Some of the common flavors that Kegenix supplements come in include:

Fruit Punch: A refreshing and fruity flavor that can make consuming exogenous ketones more enjoyable.

Lemon Twist: A tangy and citrusy flavor option that adds a zesty twist to the supplement.

Wild Berry: A blend of various berry flavors, offering a sweet and slightly tart taste experience.

Orange Blast: A burst of citrusy orange flavor that can provide a vibrant and refreshing choice.

Chocolate Swirl: For those who prefer a more indulgent option, chocolate swirl flavor adds a rich and dessert-like taste.

Vanilla Sky: A smooth and creamy vanilla flavor that can be versatile for mixing with other beverages.

Cucumber Lime: A unique and refreshing combination of cucumber and lime that offers a light and crisp flavor.

Mango Tango: A tropical mango flavor that can transport your taste buds to a tropical paradise.

Coconut Limeade: A fusion of coconut and lime flavors, providing a tropical and tangy sensation.

Mixed Berry: A medley of mixed berries, combining flavors like blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry for a balanced taste.

It’s important to note that flavor availability may vary depending on the specific product and any updates made by the brand. Before purchasing, it’s a good idea to check the official Kegenix website or product packaging for the most accurate and up-to-date information on available flavors.

Is Kegenix Worth a Try or Are There Better Alternatives?

As you can see from this Kegenix brand review – it is certainly worth a try, especially for people with busy lives who are multi-tasking a lot of activities.

I stand by all the benefits outlined above.

But there are indeed better alternatives. Consider, for instance, Perfect Keto.

It is a renowned brand with a lot of happy customers and proven benefits.

All its ingredients are natural, it brings you into ketosis fast and offers a constant energy supply.

Besides, it doesn’t affect your mental clarity, even if it increases your stamina and endurance.

Perfect Keto is a Most Trusted Brand in KETO, click the “check current price” button and use my 15% off limited-time discount code available now (WELLWIRES15)

That said, which keto supplement will you try? What have you tried before and worked? What didn’t? Let’s talk in the comments!