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Keto Krate Subscription Review: Is This Snack Box of Keto Goodies Worth It?

My Experience

Let’s face it – Keto can be hard.

Finding snacks with low, yet quality carbs is a Herculean task.

Fruit can possibly be a good option, but most fruits are packed with carbs.

And you can’t be expected to munch on celery for your whole life, not if you want to get an adequate intake of fats and protein.

What is the Best Way to Add keto-friendly Snacks to Your Diet?

You guessed it – keto subscription service.  Keto Krate happened to offer just that.

The big promise: Keto-friendly snacks delivered right to your door, monthly.

You will be receiving a new collection of high-fat, Low Carb Snacks monthly, delivered to your home for Less Than a Cost of Dining Out.

Little Box It is a snack subscription service that brings you a new keto monthly box of high-fat, low-carb snacks.

The products they choose are delicious and quality, with brands such as Chocolate Matcha, Choczero, Stoka Bars, Shrewd Food, and Curly Girlz Candy.

Besides, sometimes providing a coupon offers a 20$ discount code.

But is Keto Krate the best keto monthly subscription box out there?

I’ll keep you in suspense a bit more, but I’ll discuss Keto Krate vs. Keto Box right below. Read along!

What is Keto Krate?

Keto Krate

Whether you’re barely starting a Keto diet or you’re already well on your way you may want to get yourself familiar with subscription boxes, Keto Meal Delivery services, and low-carb food services in general.

These eco-friendly snacks are all the rage right now. KC is one of the best subscription services I’ve tried.

My review below will shed some light on what you can expect to find in the KetoKrate box. I like that you get some quality low carb snack that perfectly fit into your keto diet regimen.

Keto SnacksThe products are diverse enough, and when they send a snack box to your door, you will be racing to look inside. There are 6 to 9 distinct products.  You may also receive a $20 Promo Code. You will be getting all sorts,  from sweet to chocolate flavors, dressings, or even things you could have for breakfast.

Sometimes, this brand features drinks.

All these items are low carb, with a maximum of 5 grams of carbs. It has no contract so that you can cancel anytime. The monthly plans available cost $19.99 and $39.99, with free shipping in the US.

The stats on the official website are very encouraging for new clients. There are over 8600 happy subscribers, almost 170,000 shipped snack boxes, and a 98% satisfaction rate.

My Review of Goodies

As you can imagine, I tried this company and loved it.

With this subscription service, you will be treated with high-fat and low-carb snacks every month. Keto Krate Box

The service offers great value – in fact, it costs less than a lunch out.

I’m sure that not all people are interested in a subscription, but I like junk food. And it is tricky for someone who loves snacks to find the perfect ones to include in their ketogenic diet toolbox.

And it’s not like you can eat pork rinds and pumpkin seeds every day.

The best thing about it is how they support small businesses, including some of their keto products among other snacks.

Keto Snacks (What’s in the BOX?)

The snack box has 6-9 snacks you get to your doorstep every month. The net carbs per serving don’t go over 5 grams, so these products aren’t packed with sugar.

It helps you stick to your ketogenic diet, even if you enjoy snacking.

The products don’t contain any gluten (gluten-free), maltitol, or aspartame — the ingredients are as natural as can be, though some products have a little soy or sucralose.

Keto Snacks Brands

Let’s see what’s in the February box so you can understand more about what this company can do for you.

Nush Foods Pineapple Mango Cake

Nush Foods Bars

These cakes contain flaxseed, packed with fat and a little protein.

Nush Foods Pineapple Mango Cake has a unique taste, it’s soft and doesn’t raise your blood sugar levels.


Knowfoods Peanut Butter Cookie


All KnowFoods cookies taste great and are soft, with no gluten and grain.

With a low-glycemic index thanks to the use of Allulose, these cookies don’t have a lot of calories either.

The texture is interesting, soft, and crunchy at the same time.


Primal Foods Coconut Lime Protein Bar

Primal Foods Coconut Lime

These keto protein bars are packed with fats, little carbs and taste amazing.

The contrasting combination of coconut and lime gives your taste buds quite a jolt.


Parm Crisps Pizza Flavor

Parm Crisps Pizza

This snack tastes like pizza, without the added carbs so what could be better! I like the ingredients too, as well as the crunchiness.


Ellas Flats Caraway Seed Savory Crisps

Ellas Flats Caraway Seed

These crisps are crispy, which is quite a relief. They only contain 1.5 grams of carbs and their whole texture and taste make them addictive.


Good Fats Chocolate Almond Bar

Good Fats Chocolate

Chocolate and almonds – say no more! However, one bar contains 19 grams of carbs, which is 4% of the daily recommended value.

So if you eat one of these bars, you can only eat just one more gram of carbs for the entire day.

On the other hand, the fat and protein content is good.


Front Porch Pecans Habanero BBQ

Front Porch Pecans Habanero BBQ

All Front Porch Pecans taste amazing, but this flavor has a particularly exciting taste.

These roasted pecans are naturally flavored.

One serving contains 210 calories, 28% of the RDV of fats, and just 1% carbs!


Ketologie Strawberry Shake

Ketologie Strawberry

Sugar-free and with no artificial sweetener, this shake tastes delicious and provides 75% of its overall calories from fats.

With 300 calories per serving, this shake can easily replace your breakfast, if you want to lose some weight.


Coco Polo Elderberry Chocolate Bar

Coco Polo Elderberry Bar

This chocolate bar is sweetened with stevia and tastes like actual chocolate.

However, one bar contains 6 grams of net carbs, so you might want to consider eating just half per se.


Big Johns Hickory Smoke Stick

Big John's Hickory Smoke Stick

Made with hickory-smoked fully-cooked pork with uncured bacon, the Big Johns Hickory Smoke Stick tastes fantastic, is packed with fats and no carbs in sight!

ChocoPerfection Raspberry Chocolate Bar

ChocoPerfection Raspberry Bar

The combination of chocolate and raspberry in their list is delicious. With no sugar, gluten, and just 2g net carbs, this bar is packed with fats.


Keto Carne Spicy Beef Jerky

Keto Carne Spicy Beef Jerky

This snack offers good content of fat and protein, but it feels a bit dry for my taste.


Some other items include IQ Bar: Almond Butter Chip, Strawberry Nut Protein Bar, Lenny & Larry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie…

Keto Box

Over the last few months, I have tested both services.

Both services are virtually the same when it comes to good and delicious. Both provide timely delivery and great packaging.

Every month is different, so you don’t get the same products over and over.

However, I prefer KK, and here is why.

They have more options when it comes to subscription options.  It means that you may get delivery for  $20. Keto Box only offers a $40 option.

Also, it seems that KK is better at packaging more really unique products. I found it a lot more pleasing to open those boxes.

Keto Krate vs Keto Box

I have always been a firm believer that if something is too good to be true, it’s not true. And so, I had to dive a little deeper. I did a little online research and found out that this company sells low carb supplies and therefore, I wouldn’t consider them an accurate source for keto meal plans. It is run by a guy named Dave Sanchez. So basically, this guy is cashing in on a product he created himself with his own website. The other site is KetoBox. This is not a restaurant or a diet program by any stretch of the imagination. What KetoBox has is a nutrition program with service in helping you shop for all of your supplements and supplies. Basically, it acts as a mail-order service. I had to dig a little deeper into KetoBox and who runs the company.

This is when I found that it’s owned by a company in The Netherlands, where they have been in business since the year 2000. I’m not trying to get into a full marketing battle here. I am just trying to set the record straight. It is just a copycat of KetoBox and I wanted to let all of the real people in keto know that. The real issue here is that there is no separation between brands. KK sells everything KetoBox does and vice versa. So unless you go directly to the source, you don’t know which is real.

How Much Is KetoKrate?

The cost to the KetoKrate subscription service is $39.99 per month and that includes shipping. Subscription may also include entree to discounts for all of the included products. If you like something you can stock up and save! Some of the available discounts are usually $10 off $20 dollars and more. You generally get $20+ in saving coupons in each Krate Box!

What is a Good Keto Snack?

Snacking is always an issue in ketosis. But what should you do? Is it OK to have a snack in the evening? Or is that the worst thing ever? The answer is yes. If you are at an ideal place in the cycle – you can get away with a snack, or a small meal, in the evening. It’s best to avoid snacking in the early morning. Since it’s going to throw you off your ketosis schedule. But we’re not in the very beginning of ketosis. So there’s really no harm. And there are worse things you can do. So don’t avoid your snack, unless you’re talking about processed junk, which I don’t recommend.

A good product that you can easily prepare at home, is eating a whole bagel, with cream cheese. (I’ve had people ask for this. Especially those doing DASH who are on a strict keto diet.) But this will throw you off the daily schedule, if you’re at the beginning of ketosis, or more towards the middle of ketosis. Since you can eat a lot of fat and carbs at once, and not overdo it, this is an excellent ketosnack. So eat it. But be careful. Remember, it’s very very easy to get overladen with carbs. An Awesome Keto Snack You Can Make At Home. To make a good keto snack, it’s best to eat something low in carbs, but that is also a snack you can make at home.

What Snacks Are in Keto Krate?

Although it sounds healthy to cook up keto krate, it’s true that it’s best eaten raw. There’s no chopping required since there’s no sugar in the krate. However, since this food is fairly high in fat, it should be consumed shortly after its prepared, not after cooking. To get the best results from the keto krate, it should be made quickly. You’ll want to shred the eggplant, add the ricotta and the olives, then shred the steak, then add the pesto and the tomatoes. This recipe requires about 10 minutes total for the preparation and cooking time.

According to Liz Lemon Chapman, owner of Krazy Nutrition, a natural health food store in Austin, the best keto krate is made with lean ground beef or lamb. However, she notes, the recipe can be made with ground turkey or ground turkey sausage, too. Instead of pasta, Chapman recommends using greens. “I put kale in my reds, spinach in my blues, and you can add lettuce or other greens,” she says. Whatever you like.

How Do I Cancel My KetoKrate Subscription?

If you’ve followed my #headlessshark keto diet, you’ve probably felt the power of KetoKrate: Prep meal kits filled with high-protein foods (think grass-fed beef and buttery side dishes). I’ve been a subscriber to Krate Keto since 2015, and I’ve eaten through at least one box each month. They’ve been a quick and easy way to stock my kitchen—but I’ve decided to ditch my subscription.

I made the decision this past weekend. KetoKrate is on the list of services that my employer offers for free to employees. (They also offer a longer-term subscription program for $30 per month. And since I don’t see myself doing keto long-term, I wanted to give myself a break.) A few weeks ago, I saw a tweet about it on Twitter, and my curiosity got the best of me. I was curious to see if the news that I could continue to subscribe to KetoKrate sweet and savory without being on an employer plan was true.

Keto Krate vs. Keto Delivered

Keto Delivered is another subscription service that brings snacks to your doorstep, but it has fewer products than Keto Krate (just 5-7 per month).

On the other hand, these products are artisan-made and support small businesses.

I also like that Keto Delivered includes some items you can cook your keto meal with.

Keto Delivered BrandThese local products will give you the farmer market experience in your own home.

Both services deliver products to your doorstep and have an automatically renewed monthly subscription.

Unfortunately, in my experience and according to countless user reviews online, you can’t customize the shipping date.

It offers more free resources for users, with a recipe database and a blog, but Keto Delivered has some good recipes as well.

These are all low-carb recipes that fit all diets.

So which service is better? Keto Krate offers more products, with fewer carbs and no gluten, but Keto Delivered is better suited for people who want to cook with locally sourced produce. Other than that, they both offer similar deals.