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Best Low Carb and Ketogenic Meal Delivery Services (2023 Review)

There’s nothing better than the keto diet to help you lose weight, feel full, and keep your energy levels up. However, meal preparation might be a real pain.

Keto FoodIf you don’t have the time to cook a meal, ordering a high-carb fast-food dinner is a real danger.

So if you want to stay in ketosis and eat something delicious right out of the box, you’ve come to the right place.

Meal delivery service is convenient, affordable, and effective in keeping you in ketosis.

Say goodbye to all those high-carb temptations and help to our 7 top meal services!

But first…

What to Consider Before Making a Decision on Right Keto Food Delivery Service

Take these factors into account:


It’s important to choose a service that offers meals made with quality components.

Research the sourcing as well as the packaging and check that the components are healthy, with no GMOs, hormones or antibiotics.

If you want to order frozen ingredients instead of pre-prepared meals, make sure these are fresh.

Food Variety

Meal variety cuts boredom in half.

Choose a brand with a diverse menu that features delicious foods so that you won’t eat the same dinner twice.

Also, make sure the macronutrients and calories are appropriate for your dietary needs.


Preparation time is another essential aspect to take into account.

Some companies deliver meals on the go, which you can eat right out of the box, while others only provide the ingredients.

Make sure you have all the recipes included, as well as all the components.

It’s important to check how easy the recipes are too so that they can fit your culinary skills.

Subscriptions and Menus

Some people want to avoid the hassle of subscriptions and prefer a straightforward ordering service.

Subscriptions and MenusOthers like to have flexible subscriptions that are renewed automatically.

Others prefer to restore the subscriptions themselves every week.

It’s also important to check if you can pause the subscription service, skip a week or cancel your keto meals that might have been delivered.

Some keto delivery services users prefer to order meals a la carte, from an online menu, in case they don’t like the standard subscription.


A flexible date might be significant too.

While some users are ok with a fixed schedule, others would rather the shipments accommodate their schedules.

Changing the company day every week can be a real advantage for people who are traveling, while next-day orders are essential for people who have an unpredictable schedule.


Take your budget into account and analyze the food plan price.

Consider the portion size and how much the components would cost at your local supermarket.

While some brands seem affordable at first, they offer smaller portion sizes.

Take into account shipping fees or possible cancellation fees as well.

7 Best Keto Meal Delivery Services / Low-Carb Meal Plans (Updated List)

The reviews below include my best 7 low-carb delivery companies.

Other reliable companies are Hello Fresh Keto, True Fare with their ketogenic AIP delivery, Plated, Sun Basket and Keto Loco Moco.

Meal Delivery

I also heard that Gobble, Blue Apron, Marley Spoon, Peach Dish, Munchery, and Chef’d are pretty good options, but I haven’t tried those.

1. Factor75

The best #1 service is Factor75 because they offer tasty low carb food meals.  Right out of the box your keto meals are ready.After you subscribe, log into your account every week and choose your meals!

The most affordable subscription ensures four meals, while the most expensive one guarantees you’ll get 18 delicious and different keto meals. Factor75You can eat these meals immediately, or freeze them to eat them later.

Meals delivered to your door, Factor75 does all the diet meal prep for you. There’s even a promo code you can use to get a deduction for the first two weeks. I also like that the keto meals differ from week to week.

This takes the boredom out of your low carb meal plan, plus you get the right balance of healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. You can even skip a week if you want to. Factor 75 uses quality components, and the meals are cooked by professional chefs.

The only problem with these kits is that it’s hard to order food you loved. Otherwise, the menu looks great:

Their Popular Food Menu:

Below you can find the main ingredients to choose from before purchasing your weekly delivered meals:

  • Buffalo Chicken Breast
  • Butternut Squash Lasagna
  • Cajun Shrimp Bowl
  • Chicken Burrito Bowl
  • Greek Burger with Parsnip Fries
  • Paleo BBQ Salmon
  • Paleo Granola
  • Spaghetti Squash with Grassfed Ragu
  • Taco Bowl


  • Flexible weekly meal kits
  • Organic components
  • Professional chefs
  • Delicious
  • Free of sugar, soy, gluten, hormones, and GMOs
  • Coupons


  • Trying to get a meals delivered (re-delivered)


2. Ketoned Bodies

Ketoned Bodies has been around for just a couple of years, but it’s gained the reputation of being the best keto subscription box. The reason: these recipes are invented by the renowned chef Paul Winberry Jr.!

Ketoned Bodies

The ketogenic bundle you’ll get is made from tasty and healthy meals. The components are all quality, entirely from grass-fed and pasture-raised cattle.

Ketone Bodies is an all-organic and environmentally sustainable brand. Ketoned Bodies comes with a unique advantage when compared to other keto food stores: it offers free advice regarding nutrition.

You can make a ketogenic one-month meal plan that’s suited precisely to your needs if you talk to one of their trained nutritionists. Ketoned Bodies isn’t one of the cheap keto services, but take its quality into account.

Ketoned Bodies Kitchen

Besides, it’s one of the best food delivery for weight loss. The meals are prepared entirely, and they have meals delivered to your door. Other advantages are that you can choose the service day and order in advance up to 84 meals.

Of course, you can freeze these meals so you can eat them whenever you need them. Besides, ordering more meals means you’re saving money!

Their Popular Food Menu:

  • Boneless Pork Chop and Zucchini Spears
  • Cashew Beef and Broccoli
  • Chicken Fa Food Platter
  • Deconstructed Pork Egg-Roll
  • Jerk Pulled Pork topped with Mango Salsa
  • Keto Scramble with Bacon
  • Real Texas Chili
  • Ribeye and Bacon Butter Brussels
  • White Pasta-Less Lasagna


  • Chef Paul Winberry Jr. personal recipes
  • Organic ingredients
  • 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised meat
  • Grass-fed meats
  • Up to 84 meals


  • Shipments are only available for the middle of the week
  • Expensive


3. TrueFare Food Service

With over six years of experience, TrueFare is a successful, reputable brand and the grandpappy of meal deliveries. TrueFare understands its customers, which is why you have two ways to order.

You can either choose your meals from a menu or choose a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly subscription meal plan. TrueFareThe meals are prepared in advance and shipped to your doorstep.

You can eat them immediately, and enjoy the delicious taste of quality components like organic veggies, grass-fed beef, and free-range chicken.

The menu is incredibly diverse, and TrueFare updates it regularly. However, the meals you’ll get might not look like their menu pictures.

The subscription plans offer up to15 lunches and breakfasts, but you can only get 5, 10 or 15 meals. Otherwise, these meals are all ketogenic – even the sauces are low carb!

However, this isn’t the cheapest low carb option at about $150 for ten meals plus the delivery fee.

Their Popular Meal Menu:

  • Bell & Evans Organic Red Pepper Chicken with Organic Cabbage Slaw
  • Bell & Evans Organic Buffalo Chicken with Broccoli and Bell Peppers
  • Plainville Farms Creole Turkey Meatballs with Organic Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts
  • Heritage Acres Curried Pork Burgers served with Organic Broccoli, Tomatoes and Mushrooms
  • Grassland’s Beef Grass-Fed Pink Peppercorn Beef with Organic Squash and Zucchini in Herb Butter


  • Flexible orders
  • Easy to customize
  • Low-carb
  • Quality ingredients


  • Fairly expensive
  • The meals don’t look like their menu pictures


4. Green Chef

The Green Chef keto reviews are all stellar in terms of taste and healthy, quality components. However, Green Chef doesn’t offer you pre-prepared meals; it will only send you the ingredients.

A quick search for “keto frozen meals Walmart” or “keto frozen meals in Kroger” can seem a more effective, fairly affordable way to follow your diet.

Green CheffHowever, Green Chef offers fresh ingredients, including spices and sauces, plus all the recipes for combining them. The weekly renewable subscription offers you a different menu per week, so the menu variety is a definite plus.

On the other hand, you can’t opt for the ketogenic diet meal plan if you choose the more affordable family subscription. Another disadvantage of a Green chef is that you can’t select your meals from an online menu a la carte.

For instance, if you don’t like the selection for Tuesday, you have to cancel the whole week.

Their Popular Keto Plan:

  • Chicken with Alfredo sauce
  • Steaks with blue cheese sauce
  • Cumin-roasted pork chops
  • Caribbean spiced cod
  • Merguez-spiced barramundi


  • Good Price
  • Sustainable, fresh components
  • A wide variety of recipes
  • No extra ingredients needed


  • No ketogenic diet meal plan for the family subscription
  • No menu option


5. Keto Fridge

The Keto fridge option is excellent for people who want to stick to their keto diet, but don’t have time to cook. Their service is the easiest I’ve tried so far because you don’t have to subscribe to anything.

Keto Fridge allows you to order various meals with quality components that cost up to $18/ meal. You also have the option of a weekly menu with delicious new combinations.

KetoFridgeHowever, the minimum order with Ketofridge should cost at least $69, to which you add the shipping costs. KetoFridge users – me included – love the fact that you can also order keto-friendly snacks. From cookies to cakes and donuts, these treats will keep your ketosis going.

The downside?

If you like food plans and want it again, it might not be available for weeks. That’s why Keto Fridge Meal service is excellent to use once in a while when you see something you like.

Their Popular Keto Meal Plan:

  • Tandoori Roasted Chicken with Toasted Coconut Cauliflower Rice and Indian Spiced Vegetables
  • Carolina Style Slow Cooked Pork in a Tangy Mustard BBQ Sauce with Cauliflower “Potato” Salad and Roasted Brussels Sprouts
  • Jalapeno Popper Burger with Ketogenic Bun
  • General Tso’s chicken


  • Ketogenic friendly treats like Know Cookie
  • Tasty
  • Varied food selection
  • Straightforward ordering


  • No subscription diet plans with Keto Fridge
  • No bulk options
  • Difficult to reorder a specific food


6. Terra’s Kitchen

Terra’s Kitchen is one of the affordable keto options. They’re new in the branch, but their keto meals are delicious. The menu is varied, especially in the Lean & Green series.

Terra's KitchenSome of the salads are low-fat too, but you can just add a bit of olive oil to bump up your fat intake. Another advantage is that you can choose additional items to your weekly subscription.

The ingredients are free of GMOs, hormones, and antibiotics. You can expect mostly certified organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients and straightforward recipes. While you won’t get pre-prepared meals, the recipes are all easy. You get all the needed components and flavors, packaged well. Plus, the veggies all come pre-chopped!

Their Popular Diet Plan:

  • Buffalo Chicken Cali’flour Crust Pizzas (not lots of calories meal plans – great for weight loss)
  • Lean + Green: Spicy Cod with Burst Tomatoes and Wilted Spinach
  • Beyond Fajita Burgers
  • Lean + Green: Sheet Pan Sesame Salmon and Bok Choy
  • Lean + Green: Caprese Chicken
  • Lean + Green: Mediterranean Turkey Patties with Grilled Vegetables
  • Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Bacon


  • Relatively affordable
  • Vegetarian Meals
  • Delicious
  • Varied menu
  • Can choose additional items
  • Organic, quality components
  • Easy recipes
  • Pre-chopped organic vegetables
  • Quality packaging


  • No pre-prepared meals
  • Some low-fat options


7. Home Chef

Another affordable brand, HomeChef is a true low-carb delivery service. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find deliveries in either Los Angeles, Toronto or other big cities like Boston or San Francisco.

HOME ChefThe ordering process is straightforward; you only need to select your food preferences first. Apart from the low-carb diet, you can choose Paleo, vegetarian, milk-free, nut-free plus about a dozen other options.

The downside is the nutritional intake isn’t available on the website. If you want to lose weight, that can be a disadvantage. However, you can see your caloric intake/ macronutrients on the recipe cards.

Their Popular Food Menu:

  • Blue Cheese-Crusted Pork Chop
  • Farewell to Summer Special: Lobster Thermidor and Grilled Sirloin
  • Goat Cheese and Herb-Crusted Pork Chop
  • Grilled Honey-Mustard Salmon
  • Grilled Pork Chop with Dijon Cream
  • Pimenton-Herb Butter Sirloin Steak
  • Sirloin Steak and Blue Cheese Salad
  • Sirloin Steak with Sauce Robert
  • Sous-Vide Baby Back Ribs
  • Tex-Mex Turkey Taco Salad
  • Thanksgiving Special: Sous Vide Turkey Breast

8. Urban Remedy

The Urban Remedy ketogenic meal is intended to deliver everything including breakfast to lunch and dinner, accompanied by all the snacks and you may need in between. Urban Remedy closes the market gap by bringing an all-rounded service that you will ever need to be delivered to your door. If you are someone just starting out with keto for, this will make it so easy to receive the right balance of carbs, fat, and all of the micronutrients.

Their Popular Foods:

  • Keto Brunch Bowl
  • Matcha Energy Bar
  • Mock Tuna Wrap


  • Delivers everything (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Fresh and Fast


  • Keto Options are limited


9.  Snap Kitchen


It’s hard to justify spending a lot of money on lunch when there are so many great options in the area.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get free lunches, both in the office and out of it, like Snap Kitchen, a service that has just launched in the Boston area.

Snap Kitchen is entirely free, and you can choose your delivery times whenever you want. Snap Kitchen is one of many services, but it’s the only one that delivers prepared meals for you to heat up at home, all of which are made in-house and vegan.

As a former cook, I was skeptical of Snap Kitchen’s launch in Boston, a city with a very strong food culture. I can’t tell you how many times I went out to eat and returned home with an amazing dinner, only to find that it was vegan. There are tons of plant-based meals that are easily made vegan, but they usually require you to purchase a lot of additional ingredients and cook them yourself.

One of the many ways Snap Kitchen gets around this issue is its Produce Drop. Whenever you make your order, Snap Kitchen will send you a box of produce to cook yourself. Most of the food is organic, with lots of protein and fruits and vegetables. Snap Kitchen also offers meat, if you need it, and it’s organic. Snap Kitchen offers lots of breakfast options, too, which you can build in different ways for just about any time of day.

Snap Kitchen is also very convenient, as you don’t have to go out and pick out your components. You simply heat them up and serve them to your family or coworkers. I’ve tried a few of Snap Kitchen’s meals, and it’s clear that they’re all fresh and easy to prepare. I’m not always that organized, and sometimes the fastest way to get lunch to my door is from my local fast food joint.

Unfortunately, the meals are a little more expensive than you might expect. A three-serving meal for two people, which would usually cost $7, was $10.00. The meals don’t seem to be that different, in terms of components, but they do include cheese, which I could skip if I wanted to. The variety in which you can add vegetables, as well as fruits, is also a big selling point for me. They have many different recipes you can choose from, including vegan, paleo, and gluten-free options.

Snap practices a carb guideline of just 30 grams of net carbs per day, which assists increasing mental clarity, improves blood sugar, and provides you with more stamina.

Snap Kitchen can be a great option for people who don’t have time to cook at home, or if they’re looking for a plant-based meal.

Does HelloFresh Offer Keto?

HelloFresh is the UK’s biggest meal kit company, but it launched in 2016 and has only made a bit of headway since. That’s because rival delivery services such as Deliveroo and Just Eat are gaining popularity in the UK, giving customers the ability to order from local restaurants that already deliver to their doors. As a result, HelloFresh must compete on price, and its starting menu is usually more expensive than its rivals. While HelloFresh’s rival began as a premium service, by the way Blue Apron has lowered the price of some of its meals and HelloFresh is starting to follow suit. So, does HelloFresh offer keto, the diet that’s been going mad? And how do I get a free delivery offer? Before we answer that, let’s look at the free delivery offer. While all meals have a minimum spend and overpays, HelloFresh sometimes offers free deliveries if you spend at least £60 on the same day you order.

The menu includes dishes like baked cauliflower in a cauliflower puree and a cauliflower and watercress salad. This meal plan will feed a four-person household. If you’re on a low-carb diet, you should definitely try this meal plan. Photo / HelloFresh. Is HelloFresh cheaper than going to the supermarket? It depends. You can spend less money by buying the ingredients and components and preparing the meals yourself, or you can spend more money by going to the supermarket and buying ready-made meals. If you do choose to make the meals yourself, HelloFresh offers £6.99 per person. It takes approximately four hours, so you can spend the rest of the time as you please. This meal plan costs a total of £32.95 for four people.

Is KFC Good for Keto?

An expert nutritionist weighs in on the KFC debate: Is KFC good for keto diets? Photo by Alexis Krauss. KFC is the latest fast-food giant to become a top choice for low-carb, high-fat diets, thanks to an ode to a slightly unappetizing old ad that argues the fried chicken chain can be eaten in a ketogenic way.

Critics point to that particular ad and the way KFC is known to deliver and reheat fried chicken that it offers to its customers as proof that the chicken at KFC is not a healthy choice for keto dieters. The ketogenic diet involves eating an extremely low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein diet. The diet is used by many for weight loss and is popular among those with Type 1 diabetes, many doctors and fitness gurus, and those who want to use keto diets as a tool for weight loss. The news has sparked a heated debate on social media and among those in the food world.

Benefits of Low-Carb Keto Diet Delivery Meal Plans

Low-carb meals that delivered at your doorstep have various advantages:

Saves Time

Save TimeWhether you choose a service that provides pre-prepared meals or one that offers the components, you’ll save time. Preparing food means investing time in deciding on the food items, deciding how to combine them, plus the time spent shopping. These services help you get keto-friendly meals or ingredients in a matter of minutes, along with the keto recipes you may need.

Different Combinations

Meal Combination

If you’re quickly bored with the same meals over and over again, but don’t have any inspiration for preparing something different, keto delivery services save the day.

Most of the companies reviewed above offer a variety of meals that change every week. Unfortunately, the downside with most such services is that, if you crave a meal, you can’t re-order it easily.

Staying in Ketosis

This is probably the top advantage of keto delivery services. Most of them allow you to order delicious, keto-friendly meals in advance for a week or a month.

The top brands work with Top Chefs, some of which are Michelin-starred, so even the sauces and spices are keto-friendly.

You can also get low-carb treats and breakfasts with some of these companies so that you can stay in ketosis without much effort.

Where Do the Ingredients in My Keto Meal Delivery Come From?

A lot of people ask where they’re getting all of the ingredients for their keto-friendly meal delivery boxes. We don’t have our own sourcing or manufacturing yet, so we work with our suppliers and recipes directly. I’m happy to say that the ingredients used in my recipes are all-natural. They are organic and have been grown or raised without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Many of the products I use are free of soy, gluten, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and preservatives.

These products are sold by more than 70 different companies, and there is a huge variety to choose from. If you search the Internet, there is no shortage of information on how to choose and use these healthy ingredients. With a group of ingredient manufacturers who are excited to work with bloggers like me, it makes sense to purchase my meals from companies who understand the importance of nutrition and who can deliver what I’m looking for, from what I’m looking for!

Does Hello Fresh Work With Keto?

Hello Fresh has plans to eventually add the Keto diet to its roster of meal plans. Keto has long been associated with low-carb diets, but there are plenty of keto diets that fit into the general guidelines of a healthy diet. No one should go on a keto diet and deprive themselves of all of the foods they love.

When I talked to Ibtihaj Muhammad about Keto, she told me that she loves going on long-distance bike rides because she finds that the movement keeps her on track with her ketogenic diet. The same goes for the Keto diet. It doesn’t replace a well-rounded healthy diet. This isn’t a long-term diet either. It’s a temporary condition for a time. Hello Fresh did create a “fully-balanced meal” option for those who don’t want to be completely restrictive with their diet. It includes eggs, nuts, vegetables, and bacon, and it allows for additional ingredients. You can also make a full, homemade meal by adding the recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Noom Use the Keto Diet?

Noom does not specifically promote or advocate for the keto diet as its primary approach to weight loss. Noom is a behavior change program that focuses on creating sustainable lifestyle changes through a combination of nutrition education, calorie tracking, and behavior modification techniques.

The program does not emphasize any particular diet, including the keto diet, but rather encourages individuals to make informed choices about their food intake based on a balanced and varied approach. Noom aims to promote a well-rounded, flexible eating plan that includes a variety of nutrient-dense foods, while also addressing behavioral patterns and mindset around eating. It emphasizes portion control, mindful eating, and making healthier food choices overall, rather than restricting specific macronutrients like the keto diet does. However, it’s important to note that individual experiences and preferences may vary, and some users may choose to incorporate keto principles into their Noom journey independently.

Do the Kardashians Do Keto?

While it is known that some members of the Kardashian family have expressed an interest in the ketogenic diet in the past, it is important to note that their dietary choices may vary over time and may not necessarily align with the keto diet at all times. The Kardashians, like many celebrities, have a significant influence on popular culture and have shared glimpses of their health and fitness routines through social media.

However, it is challenging to determine the precise details of their current dietary practices without direct and up-to-date information from the individuals themselves. Moreover, it is crucial to remember that celebrities’ dietary preferences may be influenced by factors such as personal preferences, short-term goals, or endorsements, rather than solely based on scientific evidence or long-term sustainability. It is always advisable to consult with a qualified healthcare professional or registered dietitian before embarking on any specific diet, as individual nutritional needs and goals can vary greatly.

What is the Difference Between Keto and Noom?

Keto and Noom are distinct approaches to weight management, differing in their focus, principles, and strategies. The ketogenic diet, or keto, is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet that aims to shift the body into a metabolic state called ketosis, where it primarily relies on fat for energy. This diet restricts carbohydrate intake and encourages the consumption of foods rich in fats and high protein. On the other hand, Noom is a behavior change program that promotes a balanced and flexible approach to eating. It emphasizes portion control, calorie tracking, and the consumption of nutrient-dense foods.

Noom does not specifically endorse any particular diet, including keto, but rather educates individuals about nutrition and helps them make sustainable lifestyle changes. While keto focuses on macronutrient composition and achieving ketosis, Noom addresses overall eating habits, psychological factors, and behavior modification to foster long-term weight management. It is essential to consult with a healthcare professional or registered dietitian to determine which approach aligns with one’s goals and suits individual needs.

Does Blue Apron Have a Low Carb Option?

Yes, Blue Apron does offer a Low Carb option as part of its meal kit delivery service. Blue Apron recognizes the growing demand for dietary flexibility and caters to individuals looking to reduce their carbohydrate intake while still enjoying flavorful and nutritious meals.

The Low Carb option from Blue Apron provides carefully curated recipes that are designed to be lower in carbohydrates, typically containing fewer than 25 grams of net carbs per serving. Net carbs are calculated by subtracting dietary fiber and certain sugar alcohols from the total carbohydrates, providing a more accurate measure of the impact of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels.

These low-carb meals often feature lean proteins such as chicken, turkey, or fish, along with an abundance of non-starchy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower. Blue Apron focuses on creating well-balanced and satisfying dishes that adhere to low-carb guidelines while still delivering on taste and variety.

The Low Carb option is a convenient choice for individuals following low-carb diets like the ketogenic (keto) or Atkins diets, as well as those who simply want to reduce their carb intake for weight management or blood sugar control. Blue Apron’s commitment to quality ingredients and culinary innovation ensures that their Low Carb meals are both delicious and aligned with low-carb dietary goals. It provides a convenient solution for those seeking a flavorful, low-carb meal kit experience delivered right to their doorstep.

So, Which Ketogenic Meal Service?

Our top choice is Factor 75 – the best meal plan service because it helps you keep to your diet.

Factor75 Delivery TopIs Factor 75 really ketogenic, though?

Factor 75 service helps people burn fat and maintain ketosis.

The healthy fats, protein, and carb percentages are a bit different than the regular keto diet.

You can get up to 15% low glycemic carbs, 20-35% protein, and a minimum of 60% healthy fats – a proportion that helps you burn fat.

Plus, Factor75’s meals are healthy, 100% pre-prepared, and not too expensive.