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Kiss My Keto Review (2022 Update) | Exogenous Ketones & MCT Oil Products?

My Experience

If you were looking for a good product that fits your macros perfectly without sacrificing the quality of its ingredients, you may come across the KissMyKeto brand.

I started to pay attention to this brand after some Reddit chatter about their product lineup.

Many praised their exogenous ketone products, while others swear by the quality and taste of their keto bars and MCT Oil.

As you may know that I am a big fan of. products, but some of their supplements or food do not taste awesome (for instance: snack bars).

A simple Google search for keto supplements leads to over a million results, but Kiss My Keto is listed among the top.

Does that make it the best keto supplement or company simply good on the marking side of the equation?

Let’s find out…

I sampled and reviewed most of the products in the KissMyKeto lineup. You’ll get my view with some scientific data shown down below.

Could exogenous ketones from this brand help me get into ketosis faster?

The brand offers plenty of resources dedicated to people who follow a ketogenic lifestyle, which I really enjoy.

So which one should you try? Is there any potential side effect?

Are there better alternatives?

About The Company

Michael and Alex, the co-founders of this company, claim to have started it because they couldn’t find real ketogenic products with clean ingredients.KissMy Keto LOGO They confess to having felt the need for more info on the keto diet, which is why they offer so many online resources.

These people believe in the keto lifestyle and work hard to provide good products. After all, their top values are accessibility and sharing knowledge. Their customer service is responsive and will answer any of your questions within 24 hours.

Kiss My Keto Product Line

All products are meant to help you follow through on your ketogenic diet or low-carb diet. They are low in carbs and high in healthy fats so that you can keep your energy levels up.

Delivery Box Kiss My KetoThe ketone urine test strips will show you how fast you’re going into ketosis, plus you can find various shakes, ketone pills, Pink Lemonade, MCT softgels, and Exogenous Ketones.

Kiss My Keto (KMK) features okay ingredients, but is not entirely natural or appropriate for all lifestyles. For instance, you might find various acids in the composition used as food additives.

Some also contain Stevia or Steviol glycosides for the taste, natural flavors, and salt. Other ketogenic products such as Perfect Keto might feature sea salt instead of table salt, which has more minerals.

KetoLogic doesn’t have any flavors or sweeteners and is also vegan.

Kiss My Keto Product Line

Conversely, some Kiss My Keto contain sodium caseinate, which is a milk-derived protein. Some of these products could taste better, and there are also some mild digestive side effects that some online reviews pointed out. Some Kiss My Keto users have complained about some GI upsets and moderate headaches, but I didn’t have any of that.

Fortunately, not many people get these side effects, and I think the users who do aren’t used to the keto diet or already have a sensitive digestive system.

Kiss My Keto MCT OIL [Review]

KMK Pure C8 mct oil

The MCT oil from Kiss My Keto is 100% fat. No protein and no carbs (obviously)

There are 130 calories per serving, 19% of the necessary fat intake, and 75% of the daily recommended value of saturated fat.

In terms of vitamins and minerals, the Kiss My Keto MCT oil doesn’t have enough calcium, iron, vitamin D, or Potassium. However, the medium-chain triglycerides in this product have significant advantages when compared to the competition.

MCT C8 Mood And Clarity with mct oil powder

For instance, this MCT oil for ketosis is easily digestible and quickly absorbed, so you can kick start your day with a good energy boost. MCTs are also good regulators of your endocrine system and immune system boosters. You can add MCT oils to any drink, salad, or soup, but don’t cook with it.

Perfect Keto MCT OIL might be a better choice, though. This oil contains 100% C8 MCTs, which are the most easily absorbed medium-chain triglycerides.

Kiss My Keto includes 99% C8, meaning that Perfect Keto Oil may work more effectively and burn fat faster.

This puts you into ketosis more quickly and releases more energy. Besides, Perfect Keto tastes much better. Also, you can buy MCT Oil Powder (in powder form).


Kiss My Keto BHB Salts

Kiss My Keto BHB Salts

Kiss My Keto doesn’t disclose all info regarding its proprietary blend, but the BHB salts (Exogenous BHB ketones) contain good ingredients. Sodium contributes to hydration, calcium keeps your bones healthy, and the natural flavors and stevia add to the taste.

These best BHB supplement from KMK (BHB Salts) also contain citric and malic acid to boost stamina and sports performance. Quick Energy BoostExogenous BHB ketones are the purest sorts of ketones your body produces, so they’re the easiest to burn and therefore convert into energy.

Exogenous ketones are made in labs, but they have the same effect on your body: they help it reach ketosis quickly. This translates into a real energy boost, fat loss, and accelerated weight loss.

Kiss My Keto BHB salts drastically reduces brain fog without any extra caffeine, but they don’t taste delicious.

Perfect Keto Exogenous ketones might do a better job. Lemon Lime and mixed berry are my favorite flavors.

Both the vanilla and the chocolate flavor have 98% the DRV of magnesium. This gives you more energy throughout the day, and it relaxes you. Plus, the vanilla shake tastes better than the BHB mixes from KMK.


Other Keto Product Line

Keto Snacks

Keto Snacks

The Keto bars you can choose from come in packs of 12.

The flavors are Chocolate Cookie Dough, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Coconut and you can also buy a box of mixed varieties.

One snack bar contains 20 grams of fat, but 16 grams of carbs.

That can be a bit much considering that your daily limit of carbs is anywhere between 20 to 50 grams.

The taste and texture are okay for all of them.

The outside chocolate layer tastes like average cocoa, but the filling is rich enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

These bars contain eggs and milk, so they’re not vegan. They also include Stevia, which some people might not appreciate.

Otherwise, they have healthy fats from coconut oil, fibers, and sunflower lecithin.

You can also try Mammoth Creamery if you crave keto-friendly ice cream, which Kiss My Keto doesn’t sell, unfortunately.


Keto Coffee

Keto Coffee

Keto Coffee is sugar-free and high in fat, so your brain will benefit from a real energy boost.

This increases your ketone levels and your energy, so it’s an excellent pre-workout supplement.

However, it contains 2 grams of net carbs, while actual coffee is carb-free.

Still, regular coffee works at a superficial level, giving your nervous system a good whipping to stay alert.

Besides, Kiss My Keto sells various essentials to get your keto coffee ready.

Remember that some of these supplements aren’t vegan and sweetened with Stevia, though their taste is merely palatable, not outstanding.

Keto Coffee Box

You can also try the Keto Creamer with 7 grams of fat that don’t raise your blood sugar or the unflavored MCT oil with 15 grams of fat/ serving.

The MCT cocoa powder enhances the taste of your coffee, while also adding some iron that improves your cardiovascular health.

The Protein powder adds some iron and magnesium into your diet, while one serving contains 10grams of protein to help you build muscle mass.




You can choose between four flavors: Roasted Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds & Sea Salt, Toasted Hazelnut, and Original.

These chocolates taste okay, but not the best on the market. Their textures are the right mix of crunchy and soft and are rich in MCTs.

They contain 1-2 grams of net carbs, but don’t have any sugar, although they’re sweetened with stevia.


Keto Bread


Living wihout bread can be a challenging task for many people. The good news is that you do not have to. If you’re questioning where shoud you buy bread, KissMyKeto brend got it. Bread is the newest addition to its product line, and has only 0 to 2 grams of carbs per serving! 4 Flavors are available as of right now. It is a decent variety and should satisfy your taste buds. Each pack holds 16 slices. Many users reported that tastes like the real thing!

Dark Wheat – For a dose of fiber, choose dark bread!
Golden Wheat – Like lighter variation? Even though it is zero carb content, it should keep you full.
Cinnamon Raisin – made with cinnamon and mini raisins
Grain & Seed – Sesame seeds Flaxseeds, and sunflower seeds are great sources of healthy fats.

Kiss My Keto vs. Keto OS

Both these brands sell exogenous ketones that are meant to get you into a state of ketosis fast, so you can lose weight and reach a state of mental clarity while keeping your energy up.

Keto OS

The main difference between these brands is that the Keto OS product I’ve tried tasted pretty bad, while the KissMyKeto product tastes better.

Otherwise, Keto OS products do have all the benefits listed above.

Some other products the company is selling: are Keto Protein Powder, Keto Bone Broth, and Gluten-Free Keto Gummies.

Kiss My Keto vs. Pruvit

Vs Pruvit OS

Pruvit has worse side effects, including vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and migraines.

Besides, there are more chances to get a side effect from Pruvit than from Kiss My Keto.

Both work, though, if you’re lucky enough not to experience the side effects.

It’s too bad that Pruvit doesn’t say how many BHB salts it contains.


Kiss My Keto Gummies

I have been having some issues with my blood sugars, even though I have been trying to eat a bit more. It’s hard, though, because every week I need to eat specific amounts of carbs and proteins to stay alive and to keep my blood sugar levels from dropping too low. Usually, the recommended amounts will be the equivalent of one and a half to two very large bunches of asparagus or broccoli. That’s a lot of vegetables! And these cakes of gum gummies will give you enough carbs and protein to satisfy your need for them, but they’re low-glycemic, meaning they don’t spike your blood sugar and cause you to get a ton of cravings, just a ton of carb cravings.

So, I tried these and they worked. I’ll show you why. Kiss My Keto products like birthday cake. So, what is a Keto dessert? You see, if you eat a lot of protein and stay away from a bunch of fat, like meat, eggs, and nuts, your body breaks those foods down into amino acids which are the building blocks for your muscle and liver. Your body can make those amino acids from protein, but what happens when you don’t eat much protein?

Kiss My Keto Review

Kiss My Keto Noodles Are Produced From Aquafaba, The Non-Fat Milk Method! 100% Wholesome Vegan Recipe Suggested. Best Textured Short Cut Noodle Recipe In The Whole Wide World. Kiss My Keto Noodles, Salty Nut Tofu, and Beyond Beef’s Spicy Hot Potato Sauce Are All You Need! Noodle Preparation Time This is pretty much where it gets tricky. Noodle recipes all tend to have very different preparation times.

Not necessarily in terms of how long to cook them, but rather what to add next. You need to go through a series of steps to cook the noodle and make sure you don’t overcook it. You also have to cook the sauce and cook the egg before you add it. And add it. If you’re a fried rice fan, you’re going to want to start working your way through the pictures so you know exactly how long your noodles need to be. The only other option for preparation would be to have someone else cook them for you, but then you’ll probably forget if you’re starving. If you’ve ever made a fried rice recipe, you know that it takes a while to get the rice to be very crisp.

Are Keto Drinks Safe?

We know that a lot of people are interested in the Ketogenic diet for weight loss and nutrition, but there are some concerns. Dr. Josh Axe lists these concerns below: Keto drinks may not contain real food ingredients. Many keto-friendly drinks are purely concentrated versions of pureed fruits, such as Gatorade’s “Leigh” and “Skywalker.” And many sports drinks aren’t fortified with vitamins or minerals, so they’re extremely low in nutrients and loaded with sugar. But the good news is, this isn’t a problem if you watch your intake and monitor the nutritional content. Healthy beverages, such as tea and unsweetened coconut milk, are much lower in sugar and calories.

They can contain too much sodium. Many keto-friendly drinks are artificially sweetened, and therefore may contain high levels of sodium. As with all drinks, that means that you need to monitor how much you drink. They contain unhealthy carbs. Dr. Axe gives examples like the Acai-Lime flavored water from Blink, which has only 6 grams of sugar and 45 calories. But, even if it does contain some fruit, that’s not a lot of food.

Is Keto Cycling Effective?

Imagine this; you decide to try keto cycling to help shed some extra body fat—a good reason in my book. Now, instead of coming to the gym and killing yourself to take your body into shock for a full day or two, you break it down into smaller, 3-day cycles to maximize your results. Sounds good, right? While I’m not a fitness expert by any means, I can offer some thoughts on the topic. It is impossible to tell who will be successful in Keto Cycling, but most people can say for sure that it will be beneficial to their weight loss. Weight loss is an expected outcome in this process, even though the same old weight loss methods are always recommended.

What Are the Pitfalls of a Keto Diet?

Appetite shock can be a major contributor to the failure of weight loss efforts. Too many people try ketogenic diets without consideration for the additional stress that eating lower carbs causes on blood glucose and insulin. Achieving significant weight loss requires a patient to consistently avoid carbohydrate foods in the diet. But if you choose to eat carbs, don’t eat more than 20 gm at most of your meals.

For a 2,000-calorie diet, this is 5 gm/2,000 calories. Staying away from carbohydrates is the best method for avoiding increased glucose levels and insulin sensitivity. Your liver may need to process some of your ketone (lactate) breakdown products as you approach ketosis, leading to increased ketones in your urine. Also, excessive ketosis can result in ketoacidosis, a severe state of ketosis that can kill you quickly and easily.

Where to Buy

You can find and buy KissMyKeto from Amazon or the company’s website kissmyketo.com. The ordering process is straightforward, though some online reviews claim that Amazon is a better place to buy due to faster and free shipping options if you are a prime member.

KissMyKeto is use to be famed for running out of stock, so they postpone orders for weeks. Now the issue seems to be resolved.

Kiss My Keto help put you into ketosis with all the additional benefits. The flavor is good, and there are a few side effects.

On the other hand, I still prefer Perfect Keto as my Go-To option.

For me, the taste is more tolerable and better (except for their bars). In addition, their exogenous products contain gut-healthy Acacia fibers.

Perfect Keto MCT Oil powder contains more MCTs, so it provided me with a better energy boost and puts me into ketosis faster.


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