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Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews: TOP Models [2019]

My Experience

Whether business or pleasure, finding good portable massage chair for your needs can be a challenge and a nightmare.

Choosing between the wheels, the price range, the upholstery, the frame, the weight and other demands can take time.

The good portable massage chair has to provide the best value for the money you invest, be lightweight but strong, sturdy but comfortable, and ideally last you a for a very long time.

That’s why I decided to compile a thorough list of only the best models on the market today and also  review and research the TOP models.

Let me help you pick the model that will fit you need and situation with the following top 10 models.

It’s all there; the pros, the cons, and my personal favorites.

Most chairs I tested didn’t make it to this review (Such as This Model Here) due to not satisfying one criteria or another (Weigh, Brand Name, Reliability, Long Term Value, Customer Complaints et…)

Top 10 Portable Massage Chair Review

1.   Master Massage Professional – TOP Value Chair Master Massage Brand

For those of you with high demands looking for a durable, light, adjustable, and stable, this is the leading product in its category.

It’s quite irreplaceable and very straightforward to use, which makes it an excellent value for money.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Luggage-style carry case
  • Comfortable
  • Storage for glasses and jewelry


  • Folding it back up requires a learning curve


While you need to get the hang of how to fold this easily and without a fuss, it’ll bring you all the benefits of a professional portable massage chair that fits into a closet, and is also handy to take with you wherever you go.

2. Comfort 4 Portable Chair – Best Massage Chair On a Budget

Portable Comfort Four

A lightweight massage chair with high-density foam, this model is easy to use. It folds compactly and comes with a space-saving design.

Whether you’re a tattoo artist, a masseuse or anyone who needs a sturdy chair on a budget, this is the choice for you!


  • Water and oil proof
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to clean
  • Supports 250lbs
  • Easy storage


  • The seat is close to the bar
  • A bit heavy


This portable spa massage chair comes with a good price, but it’s more recommended for the amateurs, apprentices, and students than professionals, even though it’s comfortable and very easy to assemble.

3. Stronglite Ergo Pro II – Best Chair for Heavier Bodies

Ergo-Pro ii

With a maximum working weight of 600 lbs, this chair is ideal for heavier people.

It’s available in 5 different colors, and it comes with adjustable pads. It’s easy to set up and fold since it’s very flexible!


  • Highly adjustable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to move and store
  • Durable carrying case included


  • Pregnancy pad not included


A stout yet professional portable massage chair with wheels, this is a well-made model that is incredibly comfortable for a wide array of body types and makes the massage that more enjoyable.

4. Earthlite Vortex Portable Massage Chair Package – Best Pro Chair to use for Travel

Vortex Earthlite Massage Chair Package

When it comes to lightweight massage chairs, Earthlite Vortex is one of the unique and compact models on the market.

At the same time, it provides all the comfort and professional standards of its competitors.

While its maximum working weight is only 300lbs, it’s also one of the most practical chairs to take on the road.


  • Extremely lightweight (15lbs)
  • Adjustable
  • Nylon carry case, sternum pad
  • Full lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Various colors available


  • The armrest is a bit low



A well-built and sturdy chair, this model is easy to set up, practical to bring with you anywhere you go, and very comfortable to use.

5. Therabuilt Apex Portable Therapy Chair

Therabuilt Portable Apex

Available in black color, Therabuilt chair comes with a free carrying case, plush, thick foam, adjustable face cradle, and a 3-month warranty on face cradle.

If you’re just getting into the massage therapy field, this is a great starter chair.


  • Lightweight
  • Well-built
  • Somewhat adjustable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not the best quality of the carrying case
  • Seat cushion is too thin


A sturdy, stable, and reliable, this is a comfortable alternative to some of the pricier models on the market.

6. NRG Grasshopper Massage Chair

Blue NRG Grasshopper

With an aircraft aluminum frame, 2-1/2-inch foam, and Levante vinyl which reduces the appearance of old age and regular use, this chair is a PRO model from an exclusive line of massage essentials the NRG company offers.


  • Adjustable seat, chest, head
  • Easy to clean
  • Working weight: 300lbs
  • Available in more colors
  • Carry bag included


  • Irresponsible seller
  • Screws loosen quickly with regular use


While it can accommodate people of many different shapes and sizes, the seller isn’t too responsive, and it’s difficult to contact them for any potential queries.

Overall, it is a good quality for being less than $200.

7. Oakworks Portal Pro 3

Oakworks Pro 3

Made of PVC-free terra touch fabric, this massage chairs provides impressive comfort and improves the quality of on-site massage easily. It allows you to cater to clients of all sizes and heights while keeping the bar high with lightweight but the sturdy aluminum frame and ergonomic shape.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Very comfortable
  • Offset wheels
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs


  • Difficult to fold


While this is a high quality chair, some online reviews reported the wire is a bit weak and tends to snap at times.

If you’re using portable chairs professionally, this option may not be the best to consider.

8. Ataraxia Deluxe Portable Folding Chair

Ataraxia Deluxe Folding Chair

Made of synthetic leather that’s resistant to water, massage oils, and essential oils, this chair is easily foldable and very lightweight. It’s solid and build of a steel frame.


  • Tool-free assembly
  • Slip-free footing
  • Weight limit: 250lbs
  • Carrying case with a strap
  • Available in 3 colors


  • Poorly adjustable
  • Lacks quality
  • Not as durable as its competitors


The model seems to be sturdy and claims to handle up to 500lbs, but the overall construction makes is quite uncomfortable for many in the cushion and the headrest area.

9. Earthlite Portable Massage Chair – Avila II

Avila II Chair

Avila II claims to be a complete package for anyone in need of a chair.

Not only that it looks great, but it can also accommodate both adults and children.

Sturdy and comfortable, the wheeled carrying case makes it incredibly easy to transport!


  • Strong
  • Highly adjustable
  • Max working weight: 350lbs
  • Easy to move and store
  • Available in various colors


  • Seat height is fixed
  • Poor customer service
  • Fairly heavy


With a removable Velcro, this model is a strong competitor to others on the list, even though we believe it could be much better; there are faults in the design once you take a closer look and it may be great for personal use, but professional massage therapists should look elsewhere.

10. Stronglite Ergo Pro

Stronglite Ergo Massage Chair

Strong and with an ergonomic design, this massage chair is easy to move and store.

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and it weighs 24lbs. As a solid-quality chair, it brings a number of benefits to the table.


  • Highly adjustable (chest pad, face cradle, and seat)
  • Compact and easily stored
  • Durable carrying case with padded strap
  • Available in 5 colors


  • The joints squeak
  • Poor armrest weight capacity


A high quality functional model that’s simple to put together and fold, it  can accommodate many body types, and it’s pleasure to use, even though it provides more comfort than the actual practical value.

Other Honorable Massage Chair Mentions

Master Massage Apollo

Apollo Black Chairs - Massage EquipmentBuilt with small cell foam, this chair combines only the most professional master massage equipment, providing incredible comfort and durability.

Master Massage Bedford

MasterMassage Bedford Portable Chairs

This Bedford portable massages chair packs a sturdy aluminum frame, high adjustability, and durable upholstery for even the most demanding clients.

Best Choice Products Folding Portable Light Weight Chair

Best Choice Products Folding Portable

Bring this one anywhere you’d like- you can’t get much better for a chair on the budget since it’s not rad to move and durable enough with great padding.

Giantex Portable Light Weight Massage Chair

Light Weight Model

Compact, foldable, ergonomic, simple yet modern, this massage chair is perfect for personal and business use since it’s well-built and lightweight.

BestMassage Chair

BestMassage Portable

Massage lotion, oil, and water won’t leave any trace of stains on this model.

Apart from that, you can store it without a fuss, transport it, and assemble it in only 3 minutes!

Rio Portable Folding Massage Chair for Spa Tattoo

Rio Portable Folding Massage Chair

Lightweight, strong, adjustable, and very comfortable.

Made with only high-end materials, this chair is easily adaptable for all professionals.

Premium BestMassage Black 4

BestMassage Folding Chair

Easily folded, feel free to take this chair and your business anywhere you’d like.

With a super soft surface and adjustable options, it’ll surely please you easily.

Dolphin II by Pisces Productions

Dolphin ii Chair

Comfortable for you and the clients, this chair is all a massage chair should be with the wheels included!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Before going any further, let’s clarify a few frequent questions concerning portable massage chairs!

What is a Portable Electric Massage Chair?

There are a few different types of massage equipment:

  • Portable
  • Electric massage chairs (full size and heavy, normally stationary)
  • Portable electric chairs
  • Portable massage tables

While portable massage chairs can be easily packed into a carry bag and brought with you anywhere you go, they are designed to be light enough to carry, straightforward to assemble and to fold, and travel-friendly.

Normally, they’re very compact, sturdy, and comfortable as they have to cater people of many different sizes.

Portable electric chairs designed to provide pain relief, a light massage, and a soothing touch to ease the stiffness of muscles in your back.

Not all can offer a proper deep tissue chair massage; also, you wouldn’t call all of them a real shiatsu massage chair, but they can be very beneficial when it comes to soothing discomfort.

Who Would Use A Massage Chair?

The group of people who use a chairs regularly is larger than you may think:

  • Massage therapists
  • Beauty salons
  • Tattoo studios
  • Apprentices in massage therapy
  • Individuals who practice massage at home

Where To Buy and Shop For

When looking for a portable chair for sale, there is a number of online retailers and shops that sell not only professional massage chairs but also massage therapy tools, massage chair replacement parts, massage tools, massage supplies, various spa chairs, and massage therapy chair equipment.

add to cart and shop on amazon and other stores

The trick is that there are many massage chairs available for rental as well, but you’re in it professionally, we’d advise you to get your own chair instead.

Two of the most popular online retailers where you can buy your own chair massage equipment are Costco and Amazon.

Final Words

There are many different criteria on how to choose the ideal massage chair for your needs.

Considering the price, stability, and durability is equally important as deciding whether the chair will serve you personally or professionally.

After a thorough review, testing, and research, we chose the top portable massage chair on the list.

Master Massage Best ModelWhat we love about it is that it’s suitable for all: whether you’re learning to be a massage therapist, a professional, or only an amateur massage aficionado, we believe that Master Massage Professional is the best value for quality and money you can get.

It’s sturdy, durable, and highly adjustable, which allows for a better, more professional level of massage.

Since we had difficulties deciding on the second best, we chose Stronglite Ergo Pro II and Earthlite Vortex chairs as the runner-ups.

While Vortex is extremely lightweight and compact, it’s very practical and can easily become your regular travel companion.

On the other hand, Ergo may accommodate heavier characters since it’s built sturdily and ergonomically. It’s highly adjustable and offers incredible comfort.

Stay tuned for our massage tables reviews.

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