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Purefit Keto (Shark Tank) Review: Is it Legitimate? Any Benefits, Possible Side Effects?

. is rebranded into ., but essentially is the same product, so review still holds!!! (FREE Bottle offer is active Now)

Purefit Keto has been voted the best supplement for “Weight Loss for Women” according to few online publications.

You might be wondering…

It is also the number one selling supplement of 2019.

Does it really work?
Is it safe?
Was it really on Shark Tank?

I’ll answer all if the questions below…

I review all its ingredients, user feedback and provide you all the information to make an informed decision!

But here is the quick overview:

OVERVIEW: . product works according to my personal experience & users feedback, due to its BHB ketones. Few users pointed out some negative effects such as frequent urination and upset stomach (It is happens with all keto supplements). It is a Legitimate supplement & If you decide to Give it a GO – Use their current PROMO  . (Get 1 or 2 FREE bottles). You don’t have much to lose (maybe some weight 🙂 )

What is Purefit Keto?

Purefit Keto

Purefit Keto is a ketogenic supplement with a natural formula. This supplement increases your natural ketone levels, so you can burn fat, which in turn leads to an increased weight loss.

PurefitKeto includes a proprietary blend of BHB salts to do the trick. It is one of the purest types of ketones found in your body when you enter ketosis.

Exogenous ketones such as these salts are produced in a lab but have the same effect on your body.

The ingredients don’t include any gluten or animal products, so this ketogenic supplement is safe to use whether you’re following a gluten-free diet or if you’re vegan. Besides, this gelatin capsule is easy to swallow.

While this product has plenty of benefits, I’m not sure it’s the best product on the market.


PurefitKeto Benefits

According to the official website, the salts used in Purefit Keto help suppress your appetite. If you feel full for longer, you won’t feel hunger pangs so that you can stick to your diet.

Ketogenic diets involve low-carb consumption, which you already know. But this might lead you to feel tired when you first start doing keto because your body isn’t used to using fat for fuel.

PureFit BenefitsThe BHB salts hydrate you and give you sustained energy for at least a few hours after taking the supplement.

This extra energy leads to several other benefits, such as improved endurance and better fitness results.

As it’s not the type of faux energy like the all-too-familiar sugar rush, another consequence is improved mental clarity.

It has a natural formula with no artificial ingredients. It can be used by people who are vegan or can’t eat gluten, as well as people on Paleo diets or who do intermittent fasting.

There’s another advantage to PurefitKeto: the affordable price. This Purefit supplement is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee, which gives customers additional assurance about the product’s quality (.)

This is a major selling point, as weight loss can be a goal for people with very different lifestyles.

PurefitKeto Side Effects

Even the best ketogenic supplements have some side effects, and PurefitKeto isn’t any different.

But there are two main questions you should ask yourself when it comes to a product’s side effects: how frequent they are and who do they happen to.

For instance, some users say their energy levels decreased after taking PurefitKeto. Generally, these low-energy reports come from newbie keto dieters.

Ketogenic Diet And Exercises

So is this a consequence of taking it, or rather a consequence of not being used to keto? Another complaint is that PurefitKeto doesn’t help people lose weight miraculously.

While this isn’t a side effect per se, it could still be extremely frustrating. However, it is no panacea. You can lose weight if you’re following through with your keto diet and exercise.

Some users said they had experienced frequent urination, flatulence or a stomach pain. These are all common to an increased intake of BHB salts and usually, happen to keto newbies.

Bhb Salts

The answer is not to go over the recommended daily dosage (2 pills per day) and give your body time to adjust.

There aren’t any other side effects to PurefitKeto that could be considered serious or detrimental to your health.

With just natural salts derived from healthy minerals like calcium, potassium, and salt, PurefitKeto is considered safe for prolonged use.

Remember that . is rebranded into ., but essentially is the same product!!! (FREE Bottle offer is active Now)

PurefitKeto Ingredients

PurefitKeto is a ketogenic supplement made with BHB salts. There are three types of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate salts in this supplement: calcium BHB, potassium BHB, and Sodium BHB.

Purefit Facts

As I’ve explained earlier, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate is a pure type of ketone that results naturally in your body when you’re in ketosis.

So when your body burns fat for fuel, it breaks down the fat cells and transforms them into these ketones called BHBs.

You can’t find those salts in food. You either have to be on a strict keto diet for your body to make them, or you have to take a keto supplement.

Burn Fat Supplement ProsBut what are the benefits of these three types of salts?

Reducing your carbs drastically means you’re eating less fruit and veggies, which have tons of nutrients and minerals.

Salts replenish your mineral intake because sodium, potassium, and calcium are common electrolytes.

These electrolytes regulate your bodily fluids, so your cells can work at 100% energy and your blood pressure is stabilized.

As such, you’re staying hydrated and energized even if you’re on a keto diet. Even if you go through the dreaded keto flu symptoms, you won’t experience all its GI effects and sluggishness.

Sodium BHB

This BHB salt is derived from stable mineral salts. These salts have a different molecular formula from table salt so that you won’t get more sodium chloride in your body.

BHB Sodium And PotassiumAs you probably know, table salt retains water, and so it delays your weight loss progress.

In turn, sodium is a ketone body that gives your body a push when it comes to fat burning.

Sodium BHB is activated especially when you’re exercising.

Another benefit to sodium is substantial energy boosts when your body has a low supply of glucose.

Calcium BHB

This BHB salt is an FDA-approved ingredient, with a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) certificate.

Calcium BHBBesides, calcium is a sought-after ingredient, whether you’re on a keto or a paleo diet.

When you’re on a keto diet, and you exercise, your body produces a bunch of ketones, the most common of which is calcium BHB.

So the main advantage of adding this type of ketone in PurefitKeto is that your body will easily recognize it and behave as if it had produced it itself.

Potassium BHB

Potassium BHB SaltsThis salt regulates your metabolism and energy consumption.

When your carb intake is extremely low, your body naturally produces potassium BHBs to deal with the keto flu and to replace the glucose-derived energy.

Other Ingredients

This supplement contains caffeine anhydrous (50% extract), which optimizes the energy boost.

Silicon Dioxide Formula

There are also three types of natural fillers, which don’t influence how PurefitKeto works but simply work as anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate, rice flour, and silicon dioxide.

Besides, the capsule has a gelatin cover, which makes it easy to swallow.

How Much Does It Cost?

The 60-pill bottle of PurefitKeto costs $32.99, which means $0.55 per count (.)

This bottle will last you for 30 days because the recommended dose is two pills per day.

Plus, there can be discounts for bulk buys.

Compare this Purefit supplement brand to Perfect Keto, which I think is one of the best keto supplement and I am taking it for a few years now (Use WELLWIRES15 for 15% off).

Perfect Keto BHB salts cost around $60, and there are only 15 servings per container, so it’s about 3.5 times more expensive.


Was Purefit Keto Featured on Shark Tank?

Short answer: No.

As I’m writing this article, there’s no evidence I could find that Shark Tank ever featured PurefitKeto. No show recording, no written mention, nada.

On the other hand, the official website doesn’t claim that Purefit was ever on Shark Tank either.

Shark Tank Official LogoApparently, a few years ago Company hired a marketing company, which added a Shark Tank video on the official website.This is a marketing ploy, to associate Purefit Keto with Shark Tank. Even if this shark tank keto pure diet pills is not endorsed by Shark Tank, many users didn’t also click on the video and simply assumed that Purefit Keto was on Shark Tank.I’m not sure how much this can be considered misleading advertising, though, as it never made false claims. It’s just a case of people assuming too much about this keto pills without double-checking their info. Keto Pure diet currently selling in UK, USA, Australia & New Zeland

Purefit KETO Results: Before and After (Customer Reviews)

Cam says that his first attempts at a keto diet failed. However, he says that it helped him stick to a keto diet and give him enough after-burn to lose weight.

Keena Hooker, RN and Fitness Trainer, recommends Purefit Keto’s exogenous ketones too.

Berndinho86 says she lost 13 pounds in just a couple of weeks, without noticing any weird side effects.

Steven says Purefit Keto worked for him too because it helped him burn body fat. He lost 5 pounds just during the first week!

Is This a Legitimate Supplement?


But the majority of user agreed that supplement  reduces hunger pangs and helps you keep your cravings in check.

So it can help you correct poor eating habits, and it keeps you fuller for longer, but you still have some work to do if you want to lose weight.

Purefit Keto: Does It Work?

Purefit Keto is a reliable product, with natural ingredients, that helps you lose weight and stick to your keto diet.

Keto Diet Shopping ListBut PurefitKeto is like the fuel you put in your car to get you to work every day.

But while fuel is important, you also have to take care of your car.

You know, fix its transmissions, avoid fender-benders and the such.

So supplements can only take you so far.

You have to stick to your keto diet, with 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs.

Don’t eat junk food, exercise regularly, and you’ll be fine!


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