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Inada DreamWave Massage Chair Review (2024) & BETTER Alternatives

Inada Dreamwave packs a Japanese design, master massage movements, and solid engineering.

With a distinguished name and solid fan base, this massage chair is a strong competitor on the market and a therapeutic advantage in your living room.

Dreamwave ChairInada screams excellence and incredible experience, and it’s not exactly on the budget.

In fact, it’s one of the pricier massage chairs on the market.

If you want to invest in a piece of machinery such as Inada, you want to know what you’re getting for your money!

That’s why we tried and tested this recliner to provide you with the most detailed review.

Is this the best massage chair?

Let’s  find out…

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Inada DreamWave Massage Chair Features

About the Company

Inada massage chair comes manufactured by Inada, a Japanese manufacturer, established in 1962.

Their massage chairs combine the mastery of shiatsu point full body air massage with Japanese engineering with good customer service.

Inada Logotype

Their chairs have become quite popular.

Inada strives to provide only the best to their clients, with innovation, technology, and highly customizable shiatsu massage chairs that cater to each individual accordingly.


Let’s have a look at the most essential features and how can you benefit from this model!

S-Track Design

An S-track design with 3D rollers is a welcoming feature for anyone who suffers from chronic back pain.

S-Track DesignThe roller follows the natural curve of your spine, which is very therapeutic.

Overall, chairs with an S-track offer a more thorough massage to the back area; they also provide more relief to problematic areas and soothe the painful points.

What’s more, the models with an S-track are excellent for body and leg stretch.

If you’re looking for instant relief to your body and take the pressure off your spine, S-track is the best choice.

Zero-Gravity Seating

Zero gravity is nowadays a must in massage chairs. This is a NASA-inspired design where the chair reclines backward, placing your knees slightly above your heart.

Inada Zero-GravityYour body’s weight is pressing down into the recliner, enhancing the whole massage experience.

Why does it matter? This is a very beneficial and therapeutic position for all who suffer from chronic back pain.

The massage is deeper, more intense, and penetrating, reaching further into your back and really working the knots and tight spots.

This feature can take the stress and pressure off your spine and can consequently reduce the pain in the lower back.

3D Body Scan

By scanning the body before you begin the massage session, the recliner determines pressure points on your body and adjusts the rollers to improve the overall massage experience.

3D Body Scanning

In case the chair misses a spot, you have the option to manually change the position of the rollers and the massage field.

That way you get a massage that targets the problematic points explicitly and helps you soothe the pain and the pressure in those points.

Full Body Stretch Function

Speaking of the therapeutic benefits, body stretch is another important feature on the list.

For all who suffer from back pain, this feature helps to provide instant relief and soothe the pain by taking the pressure off the spinal discs.

Full Body Stretch Function

But that’s not all; by stretching your body, the recliner removes the pressure and also helps to boost circulation at the same time.

Full Arm Massage

Arms are often a neglected area of the body, but Dreamwave decided against that.

They installed airbags in the arm area as well, enabling for a full arm massage.

Not only does it bring relief to tired hands, shoulders, arms it also improves circulation while taking off the pressure and soothing hurt or problematic tissue.

Air Massage Feature

There are 101 Second Generation airbags placed strategically over the recliner.

This is a unique feature as not many massage chairs boast such a high number of body air cells.

The best part about it is that you can fully customize it, adjusting the massage to your needs completely.

Air Massage FunctionYou can adjust the pressure of the cells, massage duration, and even choose the separate area of the massage (shoulder, arm, seat, and foot).

Air massage is a fantastic and beneficial experience. It boosts the overall massage quality even more, all from the comfort of your own home.

Air massage is important because it helps to stimulate lymphatic flow and blood circulation.

The massage helps you flush the toxins from your body, but you’ll also feel lighter.

What’s more, this massage helps to strengthen the connective tissue and boost the elimination of excess fluids from your body!

The Calf, Foot and Sole Massage

Another great addition to the chair, calf, and foot massage is something you can’t afford to miss.

Foot And Calf AirbagsThis is a very welcoming feature for all who spend a lot of time on their feet.

The combination of rollers and airbags inevitably provides your tired legs with soothing relief.

They improve blood flow, help promote sleep, reduce headaches, and improve the overall energy levels.

Yes, a proper foot massage is more important that you might think!

Infrared Back and Seat Heat

Heat therapy is a common feature to many massage chairs, but not all have improved this function, taking it a step further.

While you can’t control the temperature, you can choose whether you want the back heat or the seat heat. You can have it both or none!

Overall, heat therapy is a beneficial function; in a way, it works similarly to air massage.

It’s a welcome addition to an already highly customizable massage chair.

In short, heat therapy can help boost the rejuvenation of damaged tissue, increase blood flow, decrease pain and joint stiffness. It even relieves muscle spasms!

Chair Auto Massage Programs for Younger Users

Another welcome yet surprising addition to the recliner is the fact that it’s not meant only for adults.

Dreamwave for YoungIt has taken younger generations into consideration when making this chair appropriate for teens from 14 years of age and up.

In other words, if they fit into the recliner well, they can undoubtedly reap its many benefits!

Proprietary Hip and Thigh Massage

Loosening the muscles in the hip and thigh area is more important than you may think.

Also, it’s incredibly relaxing when you first experience it since it’s the area we tend to neglect a lot.

It has thought of that very problem. With a regular massage, you’ll find it easier to move, more flexible, and lighter.

This feature is especially beneficial to the athletes and physically active people who get all the exercise but not enough massage.

Advanced Remote Control

Remote ControlThere have been some complaints about Inada’s remote control.

It requires a learning curve to an extent, but it’s still well designed in a logical manner.

You have to take into consideration that the chair is fully customizable.

It would be a wonder if the remote came without a learning process.

Pros & Cons


  • Customizable massage options
  • Extendable ottoman
  • Various massage options
  • Adjustable timer
  • Back vibration massage
  • Extendable ottoman
  • Available in 5 colors


  • Heavy, bulky chair
  • Tricky assembly
  • No space-saving technology
  • No MP3 support


DreamWave Or Sogno?

Before going any further, let us clarify something: Dreamwave isn’t the same massage recliner as Sogno Dreamwave. You might have seen the term floating around other Inada reviews.

In short, Dreamwave is the upgraded version of Sogno.

Versus Sogno Dreamwave

To give you a more specific idea about the two models, have a look at the differences between these two chairs.

Sogno has 2D rollers with an S-track design, while Dreamwave has 3D rollers with the same track.

Sogno comes with 8 massage settings, but Dreamwave takes the massage to a new level with 16 massage options.

Dreamwave packs 101Second Generation air cells, and Sogno comes with 100aircells.

Inada Vs Sogno

Unlike Dreamwave, Sogno doesn’t have any foot rollers, inversion therapy, heat therapy nor zero gravity.

The Sogno model has been discontinued, and even though Dreamwave is a bit pricier, it brings incredible features for the money.

Sogno is not a poorly constructed model; it lacks some basic functions for the price tag though.

2D rollers are a fairly large disappointment for the money, so is the lack of heat therapy and zero gravity. After all, these two are very common features to massage chairs in a much lower price range.

INADA DreamWave Massage Chair Vs. Luraco i7 PLUS (Best Alternative)

At first glimpse, these two massage giants may appear to be more or less the same chair. But don’t get fooled.

Even though they both come with an S-track design and 3D rollers, there are a few notable differences between these two massage chairs.

Inada Vs Luraco i7 PLUS

Now, there’s no doubt that both of these massage chairs are excellent for people with a wide range of demands.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic back pain or looking for a penetrating deep tissue massage, you can benefit from them both.

Let’s have a look at the key differences between Inada and Luraco:

  1. Inada may mimic the human hand massage, and the quad rollers are a plus in terms of therapeutic massage. But Luraco goes one step further. Its rollers are able to extend up to 3” from the track. That means the recliner can deliver a more penetrating and deeper massage.
  2. Inada comes with 8 pre-programmed massage modes. Luraco has 9 pre-programmed massage options.
  3. Luraco has only 80 airbags while Dreamwave has 101.
  4. Luraco has better heat therapy options: the lumbar area, the seat, and in the footwells. What’s more, you can control the heat through 5 levels of intensity, while Inada has no such option for its lumbar and seat heat.
  5. You could argue that 101 air cells of Inada are a significant advantage, but Luraco can provide you with relief in the calf and foot area. With a combo of foot rollers, airbags, and heat therapy it’s definitely a preference to all who spend a lot of time on their feet. Inada is good, Luraco is much better.

Why Luraco i7 Plus Has More Advantages?


Inada may try its best, but overall, Luraco has some strong advantages and finishing touches that you can’t easily miss. Here are the unique Luraco features that Inada lacks:

  • Inbuilt blood pressure monitor
  • Heat in the footwells
  • Touchscreen remote control
  • Memory function with 5 slots
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • MP3 support


Warranty & Support

Dreamwave has a 3-year limited warranty for repair and replacement.

5 Year WarrantyYou can find the warranty on their website.

Optionally, you can purchase an extended 5-year warranty.

In case you don’t like the chair, the company offers free return shipping as well as free shipping and free white glove delivery, which is a nice touch.

Most companies charge extra for White Glove.

About Osaki Massage Chair

This gentle rocking chair is ideal for those seeking a natural posture change from sitting. Our seats are made from a mixture of maple wood with polyurethane. Designed to promote deep relaxation, the chair is crafted to heighten your senses. Topping it off, a finger massager at the base allows you to stimulate your limbs while you relax. To further take advantage of the benefits of the Osaki Massage Chair, patients are encouraged to play sounds and music during the session. Comfort Chair. Experience the support of a comfy chair with some added support as the comfortable product is specifically designed to improve spine health.

Designed with our Hybrid Technology, the main seat of the chair offers the same support as our adult learning models while the chair sides and the arms and leg rest offer more comfort. A short tub in the middle of the room, where I practiced Shingo meditation. The wooden chair had a foot-pushing mechanism. People used to do Shingo in the nude and in this product. The following week, I went to see a new therapist who used Yin and Feldenkrais relaxation techniques and taught me the Feldenkrais shoulder abduction method. That worked. I am not cured of my phantom arm syndrome.

Where To Buy

There are a few options when it comes to buying Dreamwave.

The most obvious place to start is their website. They offer free shipping and white glove delivery.

Available in Amazon

But there are many online retailers where you can order your massage chair.

One of the most popular options is Amazon. They have quite a good shipping service.

What’s more, you can also get a discount if shopping at the right time, especially during the holiday season.

Is it Bad to Use Massage Chair Every Day?

If you are the kind of person who can be found down in the basement, chilling in a massage chair all day, then stop right now and reconsider! Is it bad to use it every day? Because there are people who find it bad to use a massage chair, or who don’t find it at all. But this is where you should be the most honest with yourself. So really, what’s bad about using a chair at least once a day? You’re spending $500 or more on a massage chair that you may or may not be used at all. Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is you’re spending that much on a chair that you probably won’t be using.

You’re wasting a day of work. If you’re getting a massage chair you’re probably getting up in the morning, using it for a few hours, then coming back to the office to write another article or email or whatever it is you do. And when you are using it, you’re probably sitting for a long time while you’re having it. This is probably good. The longer you sit in it, the more money you’re going to spend on a massage chair. You’re taking up space in your home. If you live alone, chances are the chair is.

Can You Overdo Massage Chair?

Do you know what I want out of my massage chair? I want to start reading a magazine while I’m getting my massage. I don’t want to be there for too long and I don’t want to have to be in it for more than 5-10 minutes. When you sit in a chair it has you in this blissful state and you can relax completely and take all of the tensions out of your body. Your muscles are knotted and it’s like a string being pulled and the tension is released. It’s truly an incredible feeling that I didn’t experience before I started using my massage chair.

What you don’t expect is that as you relax and allow this chair to do its thing, you are also doing your own thing! Taking all of the pain out of the workout. When you sit in a massage chair your focus becomes completely on the massage as opposed to paying attention to what your body is doing. It’s much easier to focus on the chair than it is to pay attention to yourself and the pain you are feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Years Does a Massage Chair Last?

The lifespan can vary depending on various factors, including the quality of the chair, frequency of use, and maintenance practices. On average, a well-built and properly maintained massage chair can last between 5 to 15 years.

The durability of a massage chair is influenced by factors such as the quality of materials used in its construction, the design of the internal components, and the engineering standards employed. Chairs made with high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship tend to have a longer lifespan.

Regular maintenance is crucial in preserving the lifespan. This includes cleaning the chair regularly, checking and tightening bolts and screws, and ensuring that moving parts are properly lubricated. Adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance guidelines is essential for optimal performance and longevity.

It’s important to note that the intensity and frequency of use can impact the lifespan. Heavy or constant use may result in more wear and tear on the chair’s components, potentially shortening its lifespan.

Additionally, technological advancements and innovations in design may render older models outdated or less desirable over time, leading to a shorter perceived lifespan.

Considering the quality of the chair, maintenance practices, frequency of use, and technological advancements, a massage chair can be expected to last between 5 to 15 years, with the potential for longer lifespan with proper care.

How Often Should Massage Chairs be Serviced?

The frequency of servicing a massage chair can depend on several factors, including the manufacturer’s recommendations, the intensity of use, and the specific model of the chair. As a general guideline, it is recommended to have a professional service and maintenance check performed on the massage chair at least once a year.

Regular maintenance ensures that the chair is operating optimally, the internal components are functioning correctly, and any potential issues are identified and addressed promptly. This includes cleaning the chair, inspecting the electrical connections, checking for wear and tear, and lubricating moving parts as needed.

In addition to annual servicing, it is also important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for daily care and maintenance. This can include wiping down the chair after each use, keeping it in a clean and dust-free environment, and avoiding excessive stress or strain on the chair’s components.

It is important to note that more frequent servicing may be necessary for massage chairs that experience heavy or commercial use. In such cases, servicing every six months or even quarterly may be recommended to ensure optimal performance and extend the lifespan of the chair.

Ultimately, it is advisable to consult the specific manufacturer’s recommendations for servicing intervals and to seek professional assistance when servicing or addressing any issues with the massage chair.

Will Massage Chair Fit Through Door?

The fitment of a massage chair through a door largely depends on the chair’s dimensions and the door’s size. To determine if a massage chair will fit through a specific door, you need to measure both the chair and the door frame accurately.

First, measure the chair’s width, height, and depth, paying close attention to any protruding or detachable parts. Note that some massage chairs come with detachable components to facilitate moving through narrow spaces.

Next, measure the door frame’s width and height. It’s crucial to consider the chair’s dimensions when it’s in its most compact state, especially if it’s not designed to disassemble for transport.

The door’s opening should be larger than the chair’s dimensions in all directions. Keep in mind that the chair’s position when entering the door may also affect whether it can fit. If the door frame is too narrow, you may need to tilt or angle the chair to fit it through.

Consider the chair’s weight as well. If the door frame can technically accommodate the chair’s dimensions but not its weight, it might still pose logistical challenges.

In conclusion, to ensure a massage chair fits through a door, precise measurements of both the chair and the door frame are essential. If the chair’s dimensions exceed those of the door or if the weight is a concern, you may need to explore alternative methods like disassembly or seeking professional assistance.

What Do Chiropractors Think About Massage Chairs?

Chiropractors have varying opinions regarding massage chairs, with perspectives often influenced by individual beliefs, clinical experiences, and patient needs. While some chiropractors view massage chairs as beneficial adjuncts to their treatment plans, others approach them with caution or skepticism due to concerns about efficacy, appropriateness for certain conditions, and potential limitations.

Many chiropractors acknowledge the potential therapeutic benefits of massage chairs, particularly in providing temporary relief from muscle tension, stiffness, and stress. The mechanical massage mechanisms integrated into these chairs can simulate various massage techniques, such as kneading, rolling, and tapping, which may help alleviate muscle tightness and promote relaxation. Additionally, some chiropractors recognize the value of massage chairs in improving circulation, enhancing lymphatic drainage, and reducing perceived pain levels, which can complement chiropractic adjustments and manual therapies.

However, while massage chairs can offer symptomatic relief, chiropractors emphasize the importance of addressing underlying musculoskeletal issues through comprehensive treatment plans tailored to each patient. They caution against relying solely on massage chairs for long-term management of chronic conditions or complex spinal issues, as these devices may not address the root causes of pain or dysfunction. Chiropractors advocate for a holistic approach that combines manual therapies, corrective exercises, lifestyle modifications, and ergonomic interventions to optimize spinal health and functional outcomes.

Furthermore, chiropractors recognize that massage chairs may not be suitable for everyone, particularly individuals with certain medical conditions, musculoskeletal injuries, or spinal pathologies. They emphasize the importance of conducting thorough assessments and obtaining medical clearance before recommending the use of massage chairs, especially for patients with acute injuries, fractures, disc herniations, or spinal instability. Chiropractors also highlight the importance of proper positioning and user ergonomics when using massage chairs to minimize the risk of exacerbating existing spinal issues or causing new injuries.

In summary, chiropractors have diverse perspectives on massage chairs, acknowledging their potential benefits for temporary relief of muscle tension and stress. While some chiropractors incorporate massage chairs as adjunctive therapy within comprehensive treatment plans, others approach them cautiously and emphasize the importance of individualized care and patient education. Ultimately, chiropractors prioritize evidence-based practice and patient-centered care, tailoring recommendations based on clinical judgment, patient preferences, and therapeutic goals.

Final Conclusion

Without a doubt, Inada Dreamwave features, and massage techniques are incredible.

With an adjustable timer and extensive massage options, the chair is user-friendly, and it easily caters to many needs.

Whether you’re a teen or suffering from chronic back pain, It can provide a beneficial massage that you can fully adjust to your preferences.

Inada Dreamwave Comfy ChairOn the other hand, Dreamwave lacks certain features, which is disappointing for a massage chair in this price range.

Its options are extensive, but in comparison to its competitor, it is a somewhat limited massage chair.

Make no mistake – Luraco nor Inada have space-saving designs and more than one level Zero-G.

But when it comes to deciding on which chair brings more benefits to the table, the winner is definitely Luraco i7 Plus.

It’s a highly customizable chair, similar to Inada, but with few unique features that help to tip the scale.

Remote Control i7 PLUSFirst of all, Luraco has a much better heat therapy and a solid calf and foot massage.

It has fewer airbags than Inada, but when you combine all the functions it has to offer, Luraco will easily satisfy the casual and the more demanding users.

The fact that rollers can deviate from the massage track is an excellent addition to the chair as well!

What’s more, this recliner has memory slots and MP3 support, both functions that come in handy when you’re looking for a comfortable massage chair.

Luraco can also monitor your blood pressure as well as heart rate.

This is a unique feature; while it’s not relevant to everyone, it’s still a great addition and a rare one.

Luraco has a vast range of options that you can use and adjust to your liking.

And the best part? You can customize it and save it for next time without any hassle of choosing the options every single time.