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Pruvit Keto Reviews: Is this TOP Product Worth a TRY in 2018?

PruvitKeto OS is an innovative therapeutic tone supplement that’s been roaming the markets since 2014.

It has many loyal followers who claim it has changed their life for the better. Now they run around looking gorgeous, focused, and high on energy!

But what about all those complaints you find if you only scratch the surface?

Pruvit is said to be an unreliable company, building its reputation on scams. Their exogenous ketones supposedly cause severe side effects.

Is Keto OS really all that it swears to be?

Is it helping with the weight-loss or a simple scam?

I invite you to read my comprehensive PruvitKeto OS review.

I spill the beans and share my personal experience I had with this supplement!

Then you can decide if OS really is that ultimate rescue that can help you reach the eternal wellbeing!

What is PruvitKeto-OS?

PruvitKetoOS exogenous ketone supplement is one of the pioneers in the supplement industry.

Pruvit OS

Known as the “Ketone Operating System,” Pruvit is a ketone drink mix with different options when it comes to flavor.

After all, exogenous ketones are a popular supplement with all keto dieters, aficionados, and those who are on a weight-loss mission.

As Pruvit explains on the website,

“KETO//OS® (Ketone Operating System) is a revolutionary drink mix based on a proprietary ketone energy technology.

It delivers advanced macro nutritionals and promotes optimized cellular regeneration, energy, and longevity.”

Pruvit supplement has been designed with these benefits in mind and, according to online claims, you can expect the following when taking Keto OS:

  • A quick and easy way to ketosis
  • Help you lose weight
  • Reduction of appetite
  • Minimal or no effects of the keto flu
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Boosts endurance and athletic performance

Keto OS is an effective keto supplement that helps you to stay on the ketogenic diet and benefit from it at the same time.

It’s an effective way to kick you into ketosis within 30 to 40 minutes from when you drink it.

Fat Burning Process

The great thing about it is that the fat burning process begins fast!

Whether you feel like you’re moving nowhere with the weight loss or simply need an extra kick, the Keto OS blend of coconut oil extracted MCT oil and beta-hydroxybutyrate promises to stay by your side and give you all the BHB salts support it can.

My Thought & Pruvit KETO OS / Testimonials

The first time I heard about Pruvit OS was online on Facebook.

There was a girl who claimed that Pruvit made her dreams come true, helping her lose weight and reduce appetite.

She posted keto//os before and after photos, and that’s how she caught my attention.

At the time, I was desperate to go on with the keto diet, but there were so many obstacles (the horrible keto flu), and I haven’t been able to stay on the wagon.

I started browsing the wide web after I read her comments.

I was surprised to see that she wasn’t the only one praising the amazing Keto OS benefits!

Pruvit OS - Orange

They all had me hooked. I found testimonials of some devoted keto dieters, and they were all saying the same: Keto OS is a must-have supplement and it helps you shed fat like it was nothing.

After all that, I had to give it a try!

I decided to test the product for a month and then decide whether I want to continue with it or not.

Here’s what I noticed:

1. Boosts Ketone Levels

If you’ve ever been on the keto diet, you know how difficult it can be to stay in ketosis.

Plus, that flu is my worst nightmare, and I try my best to avoid it at all costs!

The easiest way to beat it is with a proper ketone supplement such as Pruvit!

Boosts Ketones levels

I was able to notice the difference in ketone levels from day one.

I was already trying to maintain a low-carb lifestyle, but I just couldn’t seem to make it work completely, so I was curious (and a little bit desperate) to see if this supplement really was all that was promised.

Pruvit put me into nutritional ketosis within 40 minutes from when I first took it.

It elevated my ketone levels and saved the day!

2. Improves Endurance and Boosts Workout Sessions

This benefit is what surprised me the most.

Yes, I expected help with weight loss, ketosis, and appetite, but this was the turning point- all of a sudden, workouts became more enjoyable!

It Improves EnduranceI also love to swim and hike, so taking Pruvit only improved the whole experience!

After all, exogenous ketones help athletes with endurance, helping them run farther than those who drink carbs or fats!

But that’s not all; keto supplements also help your body to recover faster after a workout.

I began to feel better, more motivated, and very happy about the fact that I was able to do much more than before!

3. Some Weight Loss Boost

Within a week, I was able to feel changes in my weight. I’ve felt much better; I haven’t been in that kind of shape before so the whole situation felt quite addictive.

There are a number of satisfied keto dieters, and I was glad to be one of them! The more weight I lost, the more will I had to go on.

Within the next couple of weeks that only improved even more.

Weight-Loss BoostSomehow I felt that not only my body was changing and becoming healthier, but my mind as well!

The overall quality of my life has improved, and I was hooked!

And according to a number of Keto OS testimonials, I was not the only one.

Pruvit Results That I Got

In short, I felt good when taking exogenous ketones.

My mind was clear; apart from an occasional headache, I was able to focus more.

The supplements helped me boost my exercise as well!

I Losing WeightWhat’s more, (and probably the most important thing for me personally) the OS supplement helped to suppress my appetite!

I was able to go on with two-three meals a day, which is quite a miracle for me, seriously.

I looked good, and I felt good about myself.

I felt that I was losing weight and that only gave me an additional boost of motivation and power to go on.

I was monitoring my weight loss very closely.

I was strict to myself, trying to stick to carefully planned meals, and I always made sure to get enough good quality sleep!

One of the most surprising yet welcoming effects that happened was the change of appetite!

Honestly, that made me very happy.

I used to put my hands on anything I found at the house; I ate five times a day and didn’t pay extra attention to what I was eating.

Smiling Woman

Ever since I decided to change my lifestyle and started taking ketone supplements.

I don’t feel hungry all the time, my cravings have stopped, and it feels like I’m much healthier than I was when I first started out.

My skin has changed as well.

It cleared up, and I have more dark circles and the occasional acne I used to suffer from, are gone completely!

Safety: What Are the Keto OS Dangers?

There has been some talk about the possible PruvitKeto OS dangers when taking the supplement.

After an extensive online research, I haven’t been able to find any exact information that would support these rumors.

There are other reasons why Pruvit company seems shady, but there are no traces of the dangers of the OS supplement.

After some digging, I found some nasty-looking customer comments –Pruvit complaints (and there may have been some Pruvit lawsuits as well) from a number of customers.

Safety or Danger

At the Better Business Bureau (it tracks customer and employee complaints all over the US for companies)  you can have a look at the negative Pruvit customer complaints and reviews.

Pruvit customers have continuous problems with the quality of the products, misleading advertising/sales, billing issues, and extremely poor customer service (people report continuously not hearing back from Pruvit in any way after trying to contact them and file a complaint).

After that, I decided Pruvit is not as trustworthy as I believed it to be! But there’s more in the following section.

PruvitKeto Side Effect and Dangers

Yes, PruvitKeto can help you lose weight and take you on a ride that will turn your life upside down, make you feel better about your health, yourself, and your mind.

It seems it’s the perfect supplement we should get because it doesn’t get much better than that!

I hate to disappoint you, but Pruvit OS supplement results come at a price.

Side Effect

It causes a number of side effects that have been reported by more than one user.

For the record, I have tried Pruvit OS, and overall, I felt good.

The side effects were quite mild. In other words, I had to pee a lot (that was slightly annoying), and I had a mild headache from time to time.

It seems I was one of the lucky ones after all!

Here are the potential side effects I managed to gather after an extensive research, all based on Pruvit users:

  • Possible headaches
  • Stomach distress
  • Feeling sick and nauseated
  • Bad fruity breath
  • Diuretic effects
  • Vomiting and stomach cramps
  • Horrendous taste that makes this supplement undrinkable
  • Diarrhea

In any case, when you change the diet and stack up on keto supplements, make sure to drink enough water.

Boost your mineral intake to prevent any excess water and nutrient loss.

After all, what may work for me, doesn’t necessarily work for you.

To test and to try is the best way to find the ideal fit for your lifestyle and dietary needs!

Keto OS Ingredients

The ingredients differ slightly from one Pruvit exogenous supplement to another.

Both of these flavors are gluten-free, and they both contain stevia as the natural sweetener.

Additionally, Orange Dream has a caffeine-free version available as well!

Feel free to choose between the following OS flavors:

PruvitKeto OS Orange Dream

  • BHB ketone bodies
  • MTC oil powder
  • Stevia extract
  • Caffeine
  • Natural flavor
  • Malic acid
  • Other ingredients include ascorbic acid, vitamins and minerals, and milk ingredients (which is important for all of you who want to avoid dairy in your diet).

Pruvit Keto OS Chocolate Swirl

  • BHB ketone bodies
  • Natural flavors
  • Inulin (chicory root)
  • Amino acid blend (L-taurine, L-tyrosine, L-arginine, L-leucine)
  • Potassium citrate
  • Stevia
  • Caffeine
  • Other ingredients include ascorbic acid, butyrate, calcium, and magnesium.

How To Take PruvitKetoOS

Dissolve one heaping scoop of keto OS or OTG pack in 12 – 16 ounces of cold water or a shake.

You can stir the supplement, but it dissolves easier if you shake it as if you were making a cocktail.

For the best performance and effects, this is how I recommend you take the Pruvit OS:

  • Take the supplement twice a day (once in the morning and once in the afternoon)
  • Stay away from all processed, unhealthy, and junk foods (forget about flour, grains, refined sugar, and wheat)
  • Stack up on healthy fats
  • Carefully plan and schedule your meals
  • A regular workout is your new best friend
  • Get good-quality sleep and make it part of your routine
  • Hydrate! Don’t forget to keep hydrated all the time, (drink water and stack up on electrolytes)

How Pruvit Keto OS Compared to Perfect Keto

Perfect Keto is another exogenous ketone supplement on the market and an extremely popular one at that!

It brags with high-quality ingredients that work towards the same goal as the Pruvit OS:

  • Kick you into ketosis
  • Help you avoid the dreadful keto flu and soothe its effects
  • Lose weight and reduce appetite
  • Promote brain clarity, physical endurance
  • Improve your overall health

These two supplements not only have the same benefits; they also promote similar effects.

Perfect Keto offers more variety in terms of flavor (choose from chocolate, vanilla, peach, coffee, and salted caramel), but the main ingredients are the same in both supplements: BHB blend and MCT oil powder!

There are a few other differences, but the tipping point for me personally was the flavor.

The fact is that exogenous ketone supplements have a bad rep for their horrible tastes. And it’s true.

You’ll find people that call any kinds of these supplements unpalatable, no matter the flavor they come it.

I felt that Perfect Keto tasted a bit better.

Perfect Keto Versus Pruvit

I was able to choose between more flavors (peach is divine with coconut milk) and it somehow made my life with these supplements more pleasant.

Pruvit is, in my experience palatable but barely.

I tried both flavors, but the orange tastes like something severely chemical and the chocolate flavor are not my kind of chocolate!

Another thing I disliked in Keto OS is that it doesn’t exactly specify the amount of BHB salts per one serving.

I was happy to find out that there are 11.3 grams of BHB ketones in one serving of Perfect Keto and that it’s free of caffeine and carbs when Pruvitisn’t!

Where to Buy Pruvit OS?

There are a few online places where you can get your own Pruvit OS supplement; you can do so through their official website or through other online stores, such as Amazon.

By now, we’ve come to conclude that Pruvit OS is not a bad supplement to have around.

Amazon ShopIt definitely makes the low-carb diet easier to handle.

Still, you might be feeling skeptical after all the complaints and the side effects. Also, the taste really is bad!

That’s why I’d recommend you to read this Perfect Keto review first.

It’ll only take you a few minutes, and you get the chance to get a better insight into keto supplements and their quality.

Is PruvitKeto OS Really Worth It?

As I said in this review, Pruvit Keto is a quality supplement that makes a lot of people happy.

It boosts the ketone levels, it definitely improved my energy levels and the mental clarity, but it’s just not my cup of tea!

Not only it’s too expensive; I was put off by all the complaints from the company.

Pruvit Line

The Keto OS was described as a mild diuretic, but I had to pee all the time.

The annoying headaches didn’t improve the overall situation.

It’s perfectly okay to test and try. After all, Keto OS may be the just the thing you need to launch you full speed among the stars.

Or, it may be a nuisance, hanging on your credit card, causing you headaches and diarrhea when you least expect it.

As I said, it’s up to you, but I’d still suggest you look for alternatives (this one is my favorite)!

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